April 2006

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    House valued – feeling positive

    Well, we had the chap from the Halifax estate agency around yesterday. Not the most talkative bloke but he gave us the news we wanted to hear. Basically, in the 9 years that we’ve lived here, our house as doubled in price. Assuming we get a buyer to pay this price, we’ll be able to […] More

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    Where the bloody hell are you gets a reprieve

    A while back I made a post about uk censorship gone bad. Its all to do with the scantily clad female pictured to the left (Laura Bingle). Nothing to do with how she looks (which kinda goes without saying ;) ) but how the ad ends. “We’ve saved you a spot on the beach – […] More

  • Certifying your  Docs - The Cheap & Easy Way! - Optimized blue ocean1

    Certifying your Docs – The Cheap & Easy Way!

    Top tip posted by Clippies on our forums which I think is worthy of a spot within our main pages: Hello, just thought I’d post this as I’ve just been and had my copied documents certified. It was super easy, I phoned the local Magistrates Court in Sutton and they booked me an appointment with […] More

  • Australia Australia The Land Down Under

    Why should or shouldn’t I use a migration agent?

    Just an update for the FAQ An agent is very useful if you have the money (costs are usually in the thousands of A$) but not the time, or if you have an unusual case (unclear work experience, bad criminal or visa history, medical problems etc). If you are willing to do some research, for […] More

  • Time to get the house valued - Lifestyle, Perth, Weather - Optimized blue ocean1

    Time to get the house valued

    Well, we have made contact with a couple of estate agent and have arranged to have the house valued this weekend. We have no idea how much the house is worth but the outcome is going to be really important. Ultimately and ‘worst case’ scenario; any equity we can get out of our house will […] More

  • made the move to australia

    Australian Immigration Advice Forum Launched

    Hi Guys Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our Australian immigration advice forums. I have had quite a few enquiries from folks using our contact form with questions relating to their move down under. I’ve answered these questions as best as I can but thought it would be useful to have a […] More

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    Still getting there

    Quick update….. DIY frenzy is now pretty much completed. The garden was finished this bank holiday weekend. The en-suite redecoration is complete and the missus is still doing an absolutely fab job packing all our worldly possessions into large cardboard boxes. We hope to get an estate agent around in the next couple of weeks […] More