July 2006

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    What an interesting weekend

    As I mentioned on Friday, we were waiting for a formal offer to be made on our house. It was supposed to be made at around 4pm so I made sure my diary was free for the latter part of Friday afternoon. At 4pm – nothing! Diddly-squat, so I waited, checking through my e-mails, conscious […] More

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    Another House Offer on the cards

    Well, its been over a month since we had the first formal, and highly disappointing offer on our house. We had a chap come to look at the house this week, he brought his daughters with him and I have a feeling that the purchase will be for his daughter/s rather then for himself. He […] More

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    Assurances of Support – Income Threshold Raised

    The base level of assessable income for individuals providing an Assurance of Support has been increased to A$40,000 from the 1st of July 2006. This is a significant increase from the previous base figure of A$33,361, and (so far as we know) applies to all visa applicants requiring an Assurance of Support where the AoS […] More

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    Ooh What a Scorcher

    Phew! Its been really warm this last week. What’s that I hear you say, warm, in the UK, as in sunny?? Yup! Damn warm in fact. The newspapers have been running their annual – Ooh, what a scorcher features for the last few days but today looks like it’s going to be the hottest day […] More

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    Latest Australia Visa Processing Times

    Latest Processing times for July: As advised on the DIMA website processing of an application will usually commence within seven (7) working days of its receipt by the department. This means that an application is receipted, acknowledged and a file number is allocated. Once this has occurred a case officer is appointed to assess each […] More

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    House still for sale and sad goodbyes

    Well, its been a while but thought it may be useful to post an update on what’s going on. The house is still up for sale but alas, we have had no joy in flogging the property yet. Its been 8 weeks since we first assigned the Halifax as our agent and to be honest […] More