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    Moonlight Cinema and a picnic in Kings Park

    After work last night we decided to head on down to Kings Park for a picnic. The weather was still gloriously warm at about 6pm and it seemed a perfect way to relax and wind down whilst letting the little lad run his legs off. For a four year old he appears to have limitless […] More

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    Applying For Your Australian Tax File Number – How To Apply For Your TFN

    Since arriving in Australia there are a number of forms and services we’ve had to apply for. To help you easily get on your feet when you finally arrive in Australia we’ll provide details of some of the basics. The first of which is applying for your Tax File Number. OK, to start with what […] More

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    Current Australian Immigration processing lead time as of December 2006

    Current Australian immigration processing times for December 2006. It looks like the folks at the ASPC are still experiencing delays due to a backlog of applications – Note that due to the Christmas and New Year public holidays this is the last update available from the ASPC, the next updates will be available on the […] More

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    New Australian Lifestyle Category

    One of the things that really attracted us to Australia was the lifestyle. Now we have finally made our way out to Oz I thought I’d create a new Australian Lifestyle category to which I can assign posts where I write about many of the great things we’ve done during our time in Australia. I […] More

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    Ooh what a real scorcher

    I remember back in July I wrote a post about how damn warm it was in the UK during one of our annual heatwaves. Walking along Hay Street in Perth’s Central Business District this lunchtime I realised what a scorcher really felt like. The weather is really hotting up here in Perth at the moment […] More

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    Our First Christmas in Australia

    Well, yesterday was our first Christmas in Australia and the day lived up to all of our expectations? Our little boy did really well, sleeping through until about 7am. Then we all went downstairs to see if Santa had been! It transpires that Santa managed to find his way to our new home in Perth, […] More

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    Trying to find a property to rent in Perth

    To try and bring us a little more up to speed I thought I’d write a note on the joys of finding a house to rent in Western Australia. This is the largest entry I have written here at getting down under so when you get to the bottom of the page, click on the […] More

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    Cat update!

    Well, it looks like the cats are going to be spending Christmas, and welcoming the new year in whilst based at Airpets in Heathrow. We had an email from Airpets confirming that Quantas were fully booked right through to the first week in January so the cats will not be flying out to Australia until […] More

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    Problems flying the cats down under

    Some news on the cat front. We got an email from Airpets yesterday evening advising that the cats will not be travelling out today as planned. :( Apparently, when the vet saw them for their export health certificate she has said that one of the boys has an upper respiratory infection, it could possibly be […] More

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    Finally an Update from Down Under

    OK, its taken an absolute age to find the time to catch up with the Blog but I’ve finally been able to find a spare half an hour so that I can update any folks interested with the details of what’s been going on in the last few weeks since arriving here in Perth on […] More