Month: September 2007

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We own a house!

It’s happened, we finally own our own bricks and mortar here in Australia. We got the call from our conveyancers that the settlement had been completed just after lunchtime yesterday. What a relief that was! We picked the keys up and it felt so great unlocking the door and setting foot in our very own …

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Junk Week

The towns and cities in Australia by UK standards are pretty spotless. Rubbish is kept to a minimum and there seems to be quite a large army of street cleaners that help keep the places looking nice and tidy. This applies to the suburbs to. You don’t see blokes riding along on their ‘super sucker …

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The Bub has landed

Well, its been 5 days now since Junior number 2 and the missus came home. Although the missus had a cesarean section, she was thankfully able to come home after only two days. Although Joondalup Hospital was great and the staff were friendly and efficient it still didn’t beat the comfort of your own home …

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It’s a ‘Shiela’!

Well folks, since my last post I’m am ecstatically happy to announce that junior number two turned out to be a girl (we have one of each now) 8) Baby daughter (hee hee) and mum doing really well! I feel so completly knackard as it has been a veeeeeery long day! I promise I’ll provide …

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Baby really on the way – ish!

OK, 6 days ago we thought that it was time for baby to make an appearance but nothing ever happened. This time I can say with all certainty that this time tomorrow junior number two will be here. :) Unfortunately during the check up that the missus had today, they found that she had early …

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Still no sign of baby

Well, after the events of last Friday it looks like junior number 2 has attached crampons to its hands and feet and is well and truly hanging on in there. The missus recons it ‘feels a little lower’ today but if that means it’s ready or its just chilling out in the lower uterus who …

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