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    Happy new year

    Hey all, well it’s nearly 1 am down under on the 1st of January 2010! Much food has been eaten and much wine and beer has already been drunk :) With that in mind, this is a very short post to wish you all the very best for 2010.May this year be the year that […] More

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    Onshore Applicants Nominating a Trade must be Job Ready from January

    From the 1st of January, as part of the skills assessment process for certain onshore GSM applicants who nominate a trade occupation, applicants will be required to demonstrate that they are ‘job ready’. This new requirement will be assessed through the Job Ready Program (previously referred to as the Job Ready Test). The Job Ready […] More

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    Changes to VETASSESS Assessment Requirements for General Occupations

    VETASSESS conducts assessments for over 200 occupations for people applying to migrate to Australia under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) and Employer Nomination Schemes (ENS). From the 1st of January 2010, VETASSESS will be changing the requirements for assessment against these “Generalist Occupations” which are managerial, administrative, professional and associate professional occupations. The new assessment […] More

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    Completed Skills Assessment Required Prior to Applying For Aussie Visas

    Prior to the 1st of January 2010, applicants applying for permanent migration based on one of the onshore General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa subclasses were required, at time of application, to provide evidence that they had applied for a skills assessment by the relevant assessing authority. At time of decision, a suitable skills assessment was […] More

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    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    G’day everyone! Well, in less that 14 hours time it’s going to be Christmas day here in Australia. For those ‘enjoying’ the snow throughout many countries in the Northern hemisphere, you’ll be interested to know that it’s forecast to be a not so chilly 36 Celsius here in Australia tomorrow. We’ve got the ‘outlaws’ over […] More

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    Nil visa application charge for students affected by college closures

    From the 1st of January 2010, the Migration Regulations are being amended to allow Student visa holders who have been affected by the closure of their education provider in the preceding 12 months to lodge an application for a further Student visa to continue their studies and be entitled to a nil visa application charge. […] More

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    Exchange Rates – Time To Pay Attention?

    Exchange rates might be something you’ve traditionally not paid much attention to in the past. Sure you may have found yourself faced with the prospect of having to calculate the ‘value’ of the 20 Euro leather belt you’ve just purchased in the local Spanish market but it’s never been that big a deal.. right? Well, […] More

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    457 Visa Holders – A benefit to Australia?

    Since starting my new role in the mining industry, I’ve found myself working for an organisation which is much more reliant on skilled resources brought in from overseas. I was chatting to one of the hiring managers the other day about this and being quite interested in the subject, I managed to steer the conversation […] More

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    Our Mate Marmite – The Australian Drought Is Over

    Before I even begin this entry I must take a few moments to apologise to the 1500+ folks who have decided over the last 12 months to subscribe to our free newsletter so they can benefit from receiving our “latest breaking immigration news” articles as they happen! It’s easy for me to forget that I […] More

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    Sydney house prices in 2010 – heading Up, down or nowhere fast?

    I should preface this article by saying that unfortunately the crystal ball to tell us how Sydney house prices will weather the next 12 months has not yet been discovered. So, if you are looking for someone to tell you this with certainty – keep looking – and tell me if you find that magic […] More

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    Funding Requirements For International Students To Increase From 2010

    The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship announced earlier this month that the amount of funds international students will need to demonstrate and have genuine access to in order to be granted a Student visa will increase under proposed new changes. Legislation changes are being pursued to increase the basic rate of living costs under the […] More

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    House Prices in Australia during the Global Financial Crisis

    Whilst property values in the USA, UK and many western European countries have fallen significantly during the global financial crisis – Australian property values have held up relatively well. In fact median house prices in some Australian markets have actually increased during 2009. It is interesting to note that Australian property prices experienced some ‘correction’ […] More

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