2017 – 2018 Skilled Migration Intake Announced

2017 - 2018 Skilled Migration Intake Announced - 2017 2018 Australian Migration Intake 1 - Getting Down Under federal budget, migration intake

Today, Treasurer Scott Morrison announced his annual budget to Parliament which included a couple of items of interest to people looking to emigrate to Australia.

An annual foreign worker levy of $1,200 to $1,800 per annum will be applied to employers of temporary foreign workers, whereas employers of permanent skilled workers will be levied a one-off $3,000 to $5,000 fee.

The measures are expected to raise $1.2 billion over the forward estimates, with the money raised to be put into training initiatives for local workers.

2017 - 2019 Australian Migration Intake

Importantly, there will be no cut in the skilled migrant intake from the current level of 130,000 people per year, this number is important as it will ultimately form the basis for the skilled occupations ceilings which we expect to be announced in the coming weeks.

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Hi Mark,
Applied for 457 visa last year and while waiting for a grant changes came into effect April 2017 and skill was removed from the list. Had to withdraw application and lost monies. Now trying for 187 visa and I believe skill is going to be removed again on RSMS ( vehicle painter) what happens if you applied before March 2018 changes do you just lose everything again. This is sad because having to re-do medicals, PCC and other costs money then changes are brought overnight and applicants have to withdraw and lose everything why is this being allowed.


Hi Mark,
Can you please help me with occupation ceiling for Mechanical Engineer in 2017- 2018. What will be the minimum point score for this.



Hello Mark
when will the invitation for 2017-2018 going to start(any date yet) ?and how long will it take for the invitation to came as i have 70 point Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)?
Thanks !

Oleen Randu

I am secondary school teacher 241411 in Economic Subject. I am hoping to Apply for the PR. And am preparing for the IELTS and try to reach 8 in each band. So can you please explain me my chances of applying under 189 and 190 classes. I am 35 y and have a Post graduate in Education + Degree for 4 years from a University.

Fahad Zahoor

Hi Mark,
just a quick query regarding 189 visa application limitations, recently I discovered if an applicant have had a visa refused while he/she was in Australia, they can not make any further visa application for 189. Is it only applicable to onshore applicants or offshore as well?



Hi Mark,
Following on from the annoucement in the age threshold, what does this affect a person who turns 44 in December 2017 and probably gets an invite in July 2018 in terms of applying for a 189? Is this threshold also affecting the 190? Thanks

Hi Mark,

Does the new list for 2017-2018 contain the occupation for ICT Business Analyst?



Is the MLTSSL released April 2017 not final ?? Are we expecting any further cutting out of occupations from it ?
Please advice


Hello Mark!

Since the number of permanent migration intake will still the same as 2016-17 program, do we have to expect no significant changes on the MLTSSL, especially on the 16 caveat occupations?

DIBP did not attained last year’s ceiling perhaps by 30,000 places and its really tough for them not to include such occupations on the MLTSSL list if they are aiming such total number of migration intakes.

What are you insights?

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