2017/2018 SOL – Will Your Job Be On The 2017/2018 Australian Skilled Occupations List?

Australian Occupations Sol Reaching Ceiling

Australian Skills In DemandPLEASE NOTE THIS OCCUPATIONS LIST HAS BEEN REPLACED AND IS NO LONGER VALID – For the most current list of Australian occupations in demand. Please CLICK HERE.

The 2017/2018 SOL or Australian Skilled Occupations List comes into effect in under three months and those aspiring to move to Australia in the 2017 / 2018 migration year will be interested in the range of jobs listed within the 2017 / 2018 SOL.

Though the selection criteria for jobs listed within the Australian Skills Occupation list isn’t publically posted, the Australian government does provide some insight into the methodology used to shortlist occupations for the list.

Skilled Occupations List, Job Selection Methodology

The purpose of the SOL is to ensure the supply-driven component of Australia’s skilled migration programme is well targeted to highly-skilled migrants.

Around March each year, the Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training reviews the skilled migration program’s Skilled Occupation List and provides advice on the jobs making up the SOL to the Minister for Immigration.

The suitability of occupations for inclusion on the SOL is assessed in a two-step process.

The first step involves identifying occupations that are most susceptible to supply constraints (e.g. due to the time taken to develop necessary skills) and/or most likely to warrant government intervention to address supply constraints.

The second step involves assessing the medium to long-term skill needs of the economy for each occupation, identified in Step 1, to determine if it would benefit from skilled migration.

It should be noted that the set of indicators for each occupation are considered together rather than separately. Indicators for occupations tend to be mixed and the advice provided is never based on a single indicator alone.

Generally, a shortlisted occupation would not be included on the SOL if:

The occupation is likely to be in surplus in the medium to long-term (based on the size and age of the current workforce, expected employment growth, and trends in student enrolments and completions); or

There are other more appropriate or specific visa options.

Jobs Flagged For Possible Removal from the 2017/2018 SOL

The Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training reviews the skilled migration program’s Skilled Occupation List and flags certain occupations for future removal. This means that roles currently listed on the 2016/2017 SOL will no longer qualify for sponsorship.

At the time of typing (April 2017), the following trades have been shortlisted for potential removal from the 2017/2018 Skilled occupations list.

  • Production Manager (Mining)
  • Accountant (General)
  • Management Accountant
  • Taxation Accountant
  • Actuary
  • Land Economist
  • Valuer
  • Ship’s Engineer
  • Ship’s Master
  • Ship’s Officer
  • Surveyor
  • Cartographer
  • Other Spatial Scientist
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Structural Engineer
  • Transport Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Production or Plant Engineer
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Naval Architect
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist
  • Veterinarian
  • Medical Diagnostic Radiographer
  • Medical Radiation Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Podiatrist
  • Speech Pathologist
  • General Practitioner
  • Anaesthetist
  • Cardiologist
  • Endocrinologist
  • Gastroenterologist
  • Intensive Care Specialist
  • Paediatrician
  • Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
  • Medical Practitioners (nec)
  • Barrister
  • Solicitor
  • Psychotherapist
  • Psychologists (nec)
  • Chef
  • Boat Builder and Repairer
  • Shipwright

What should you be doing now if your occupation is flagged for removal from the 2017/2018 SOL?

2017 2018 Australian Skilled Occupations List 2017/2018 SolIf you intend to apply for an Australian skilled visa and your occupation is listed as flagged, it is important to ensure that you lodge your expression of interest via SkillsSelect and receive an invitation to apply before 1 July 2017.

Not doing so may leave you with fewer options as it is likely (though not a guarantee) that the above occupations will be impacted as part of the current review.

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  2. Helo sir
    My occupation is wholesaler 133312 removed from list any chance to add in July 17-18 skilled list . My assessment is positive. Pls suggest me can I reassessment from vet assess related this occupation

    1. Hi Vijay, we have no way to guess, unfortunately. We will find out in the next few weeks.

  3. Hi Mark,

    Please let me know whether Production or Plant Engineer (233513) will be included in 2017-18 MLTSSL list, since this occupation in flagged. However when I was going through the list which was published on 19th April, the above occupation is listed in MLTSSL. It would be really helpful if you can let me know whether the final list if already published or do I need to wait till July 1st for the same.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Nishit, the new list will be updated between now and the 1st July 2017, only then will we know if Plant Engineer will remain. We have no further insight into the occupations that will or will not appear, unfortunately.

  4. Hi Mark,
    My points will be 60 on 19th July 2017 for Electronics Engineering. I have submitted my EOI on 30 DECEMBER 2016.Any idea that till when i can get invitation for 189? After backlog of May and June it will take Aug or Sept or more than that ?

  5. Hi Mark,

    I am PE and sports teacher in an International School in Malaysia. Could you please advise if I am eligible to apply for Oz PR under Secondary School Teacher occupation. I ‘ll really appreciate your help in this matter.


  6. Hi,

    I am a mechanical engineer,based on current revision is it advisable to proceed for Skill assessment.If not why ?

    1. You can’t apply without an assessment jithesh and being able to remain nimble is important so why not? :)

  7. Hi Mark
    I am a Telecommunication graduate with 60 points in hand.I am moving to Australia soon.I have got a temporary graduate visa for next 18 months.I am interested to apply for PR,can you pls suggest me which would be the best time to apply.By next april my points will soar up to 65 because of my age.So if I apply by next april I would have just another 8 months with me to live in Australia.

    1. Really depends on the visa path you would be following Kumar, if you are applying under an occupation which would require your qualifications to be completed, your choices might be limited.

      1. I would like to apply for skilled independent visa 189 as a telecommunication engineer.

        1. Hi Kumar, you would need to undertake a skills assessment with engineers Australia so your success is very dependent on the outcome of this assessment. Sorry for the delay, however our article comments section is not designed for prolonged exchanges. Please post in our forums if you have any further questions. https://gettingdownunder.com/ask-a-question/

  8. HI Mark,
    Please advise scope for a Recruitment Consultant (8+yrs exp) in Australia.

    1. Recruitment consultant appears on the STSOL so will qualify under the employer sponsored visa scheme.

  9. Hi Mark, thank you for the informative post.

    I have lodged my EOI on the 28th of Feb 2017 with 70 points as an Accountant General(221111).
    The invitation round of 12th April 2017 states that applicants with 70 points or above have been inited till 3rd of April 2017. However, I have not received any invitation mail.
    Request you to guide me with any information that you can provide.

    Thank you in advance.

    Warm regards,

    1. Hi Vineel, Accountant has now reached its ceiling for this programme year. As such, the only thing I can assume is that although those with 70 points received invites, not ALL applicants with 70 points received one.

      This is really just a broad guess as it does seem strange that you didn’t get an invite based on the April SkillSelect data. would recommend that you reach out to DIBP and seek clarification from them directly.

      Sorry I could be more help!

  10. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for ur interesting feedbacks. I have a question:
    I submit my EOI in mid January 2017 for visa subclass 189 as mechanical engineer. But I haven’t get any reply from immigration yet. How you see my case?
    I would appreciate your response at your earliest convenience.

    1. Hi Basim, this simply means that there are people in front of you in the queue that have received invitations first. It’s not unheard of for people to wait a year to receive an invitation after lodging their EOI for certain occupations.

      Patience is required unfortunately when it comes to Australian Migration Basim. I touched on this in a little more detail within an article I wrote here.

      1. Hi Mark,

        Really appreciate your response.
        Actually i have 60 points which are the minimum to apply for this subclass 189 visa. Ceiling occupation has been filled for this year and they will invite new applicants after 1st July 2017. Mechanical engineers are flagged for last couple of years now, what you will predict how long i have to wait with this 60 marks and is it possible they can eliminate mechanical engineer from SOL?

        too many quires but hopefully u can spare some time. Would really appreciate your regard.

      2. Hi,I am a Mechanical engineer and have lodged an EOI on 24th October, 2016. But, till I have not received any invitation. Is there any hope? I applied with 60 points under subclass 189.

  11. Hey Mark great job with the article, i just had a quick question. When is the exact sol list expected to be released for 2017 to 2018?

    Will it be in June or May itself?

    1. Hi, the final list for the following immigration year is usually published in Late May so hopefully we’ll see it some time this month

  12. Hi Mark,

    I see you replied to everyone and thank you for helping people with their queries.

    My Husband is a Software Engineer and his Occupation is there in the list however we got some information from a agent that ‘Software Engineer’ is also flagged post 19th April 2017. We couldn’t locate the same in any internet\web.

    Can you kindly confirm and share the link if any ?

    Thanks a bunch in advance,

  13. Hi Mark,
    Accountant (General) is in MLTSSL so does that mean it will on SOL 2017 – 2018? Or do we have to wait until SOL 2017 – 2018 is released?
    Much appreciated,

    1. Hi Bernie, it’s been flagged that the MLTSSL will be revised in July, so I would be inclined to wait for the final list to be published.

  14. Hi Mark, I have got positive assessment for Human Resource Adviser, But unfortunately this Skill has been removed, My Question to you is:-
    1) Can i request Vetassess to change my Category from HR Adviser to Recruitment Consultant or i need to apply for fresh assessment?
    2) What are the chances of HR Adviser to be again included in the list (1st July 2017 List)
    3) Duration of Visa under this category?

    You guidance on the same is much appreciated.

    1. Hi Deepak, I really think the reassessment question is probably better asked of VETASSESS as the assessment body. My answer would be just speculation, so wouldn’t be of much assistance, unfortunately.

  15. I am currently holding 457 visa and my visa is going to expire in the month of September 2017. As i eligible to apply for ENS 186 if my employer is happy to nominate?

    I am currently in Australia and has been for about 20 months to till but i am with the employer more than 5 years.

    Please provide your comments.

  16. Dear Mark,

    Thank for the reply.
    Does it mean only company sponsorship exit on these occupations ,or a state can also sponsor one on 489.

    Thank you

  17. Thank you for the good work.

    I currently got a positive assessment as a Marketing Specialist with Vetassess. Does the new changes ”caveat” prevent one from applying under this occupation?

    1. Hi, you can still be sponsored to apply under this occupation, however, a company sponsoring you cannot employ you in a role meeting any of the following criteria.

      a) positions based in a front-line retail setting;
      b) positions that predominately involve direct client transactional interaction on a regular basis;
      c) positions in a business that have an annual turnover of less than AUD 1 million;
      d) positions that have a nominated base salary of less than AUD 65,000.

      Hope this make sense

  18. Hello,
    If I haved lodged my application before the change in SOL and havent received the invitation yet; will I be still affected by the upcoming SOL change. Please help.

      1. Hi,
        Thank you for the timely reply. One last query; do I have to re-lodge my EOI for the next year’s consideration?

        1. Hi Vinokanth, not necessarily.

          depending on when you originally submitted your EOI. Your EOI will remain valid, and in SkillSelect, for a maximum of two years.

          More info here.

          1. Thank you very much Mark. I really appreciate your assistance. Cheers mate.

  19. Hi Mark,
    I suppose to migrate Australia as a Quality Assurance Manager after obtaining PR. My Visa Category is 190.
    But the agents are telling that now there are no sponsorship for Quality Assurance Managers, except NT and it also a Temporary Visa.
    Please let me know whether I will able to get sponsorship from 2017/2018 CSOL list or I will not be able to migrate Australia any more…

      1. Hi Mark,

        Thank you so much. Yes. My occupation is there in the STSOL list. Please explain me what is this STSOL and will it leads to permanent residency in Australia?

        Though there is no sponsorship for Quality Assurance Managers at the moment, is there any possibility of getting one on July as the occupation list in every state change in July?

  20. Hi Mark,

    I am a Training and Development professional and my VET assessment was positive. I was in the process of proceeding further but, now I see that my occupation is removed from the list. Are there any chances of it being added again? Will there be any luck?

    1. Your guess is as good as mine Jessica. Fingers crossed that it is! We should find out for sure in the next few weeks hopefully!

      1. Thanks Mark. I appreciate it. You are doing an amazing job. I could not get any information on the recent Australian Immigration policy anywhere else. Thanks again.

  21. Hi mark your such a big help for us . I just read all the comments written here.At the moment i don’t have any question pr

  22. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for your information. I submitted my EOI on 10th April 2017 as Electronics engineer for NSW state sponsored (subclass 190). But I can’t find Electronics engineer in new NSW priority occupation lists which updated on 19th April. So my question is that “Will NSW government still consider my EOI for state nomination? Can I still apply for other states or only applicable for subclass 189?

    1. Hi Simon, Electronics engineer is listed on the MLTSSL with a double Asterix (**)

      Certain occupations on the MLTSSL are flagged with a double Asterix to highlight that these occupation types are restricted to applicants applying under certain visa classes only.

      In this instance, Electronics Engineer is on the list, however, it only qualifies for sponsorship under the following visa programs

      Skilled – Independent (subclass 189)
      Temporary Graduate (subclass 485)
      Skilled-Regional (Provisional) (subclass 489), if the applicant is not nominated by a State or Territory government agency.

      Hope this helps

  23. Hi Mark,

    Will Accountant (General) occupation remain in 2017- 2018 MTSSL list and when will be expected to get new list occupation ceiling or quota and how much minimum points be required for invitation and bands also


    1. Hi Aman, unfortunately, I do not have an insider source with the Australian migration department so it’s really difficult to say if it will remain or what the minimum points will be. :)

      The new ceilings will likely come into effect from 1 July so I expect these will be announced in the coming weeks.

  24. Helo sir
    My occupation is wholesaler 133312 and my assessment is positive but my occupation is removed in stsol list please suggest me my occupation is added in stsol list in future or not or any other visa to apply.
    Pls tell me can I apply NZ Pr under this category

  25. Hi mark,
    I have done my bachelors in Metallurgical engineering and now I am planning to pursue my masters in Engineering management from Australia. My question is that is there any chances of metallurgy to make a come back in Sol list. furthermore , Am I eligible to apply in any other category apart from metallurgy ??

    1. Hi Wajahat, it’s pretty hard to forecast if it will make a return, unfortunately.

      With regards to qualifying under different categories. Best way to check is to find an occupation that you think might be a fit and google this occupation together with the ANZSCO CODE for the occupation available on the MLTSSL followed by the term abs.gov.au (which narrows the results down to the Australian Beaurea of Statistics website.

      As an example:

      Aeronautical Engineer 233911 abs.gov.au

      will take you to the google search result, the top result is this page

      Hope this helps!

  26. Hi Mark,
    you are doing a great job. I am thinking of applying as sports administrator in Northern territory. Would I be affected under the current changes? Please advise.

      1. HI Mark,

        Thanks for reply. You are such a great help.
        I have one more query. Sports Development officer occupation is on the and my roles are quite similar to that. Do you think ‘right now’ is the correct time to apply for my skill assessment as I am double minded because Aus Immi might be changing occupation list once again in july?
        I ‘ll really appreciate your help on this.
        Thanks Mark,

  27. Helo sir
    My occupation is wholesaler 133312 and my assessment is positive but my occupation is removed in stsol list please suggest me my occupation is added in stsol list in future or not or any other visa to apply.
    Pls tell me can I apply NZ Pr under this category

  28. Your doing a great job Mark!!
    Can you please advise when the new quota for Visa allocation starts for 2017-18 considering in Management accountant category, it almost full.

    1. Thanks Sushanth :) I expect the new occupations ceilings to be announced in the next few weeks however they won’t likely come into effect until 1st July.

  29. Is human resources managment occupation is on the skill occupation list in 2017 -2018

  30. Hi mark,
    I already put in my eoi for electronic engineering for relative sponsorship 489 in nov 2016 for 60 points , do u think I will get invitation any chance. Plz let me know thanks

    1. It’s difficult to say, Fatima, as the other candidates on the list will influence how long you might have to wait. ie. If someone joins the list this week but they have 70 points they will likely get an invitation before yourself even though you applied last year.

  31. Helo sir
    This removed occupation for a short time or permanently pls suggest me removed occupation is added in stsol list or not

    1. Hi Vijay, according to the Australian government announcement, the occupations on the STSOL are to be reviewed every 6 months so any pccupations removed may be readded in the future.

  32. Hi..
    I am planning to get PR under Chemical Engineer. I have already get the skill assessment and planing to sit IELTS on 29th April. But I saw that Chemical Engineer has been removed on STSOL.
    It is on that 16 jobs which are removed from STSOL and still on the MLTSSL . Is here a possibility to remove it from MLTSSL on 1st June ?

    1. Hi, Chemical Engineer is on the MLTSSL. You can only apply using this role for the following visa programs
      Skilled – Independent (subclass 189)
      Temporary Graduate (subclass 485)
      Skilled-Regional (Provisional) (subclass 489), if the applicant is not nominated by a State or Territory government agency.

      1. Thank you Mark. But the problem is I did IELTS twice and couldn’t get 7 for each band which gives me 10 points to complete 60 points. For the third time I’m planning to do it on 29th April. I think that I cannot get an invitation before 1st July.
        Is there a possibility to remove Chemical Engineer from MLTSSL ?

        1. The list has only just been published so I wouldn’t expect the occupations to be updated by July Chamari.

  33. Hi Mark,

    Any idea as to when the ceiling will open for Developer Programmers (261312) for the year 2017-2018 quoto?

    1. Not at this stage, unfortunately, Sudha, probably in the next few weeks.

      1. Yes Mark, I understand. However, i wanted to know if it opens in June or July?

        Last year it closed in May and re-opened in July. But this year it looks like its over by April,so it must open in June ideally.

  34. Does electrical and electronic technician available in MTLSSL Australia?

  35. Hi Mark,

    When will the occupation ceiling be released? And since when can we start applying for 189 visa with 70 points in accouting? and how long wil it take to get the visa?

    1. Ceilings should be released in the next few weeks Pragya, accounting is already on the new skilled list. It’s almost impossible to advise how long the process will take as it’s difficult to forecast how long it will take to receive an invite after registering an Expression Of Interest.

  36. Is the new sol list effective from April or from 1 st of July?

    1. Both lists come into effect the day after the legislation was published Teena so this would make it the 29th April. All the best. Mark

  37. Great job you’re doing here Mark, please, are you aware of instances where nurses get positive assessment from vetasses for health promotion officer positions?

    1. Hi Sade, not personally but I would be inclined to visit the ABS website (just punch into google the occupation number (6 digits) followed by abs.gov.au) to view the job accountabilities.

      If the jobs are similar then there might be the opportunity to seek a positive assessment.

  38. Hi Mark,

    My occupation 233512 Mechanical Engineer is available in “MLTSS” Released on 19-04-2017.

    What exactly it’s mean.
    will it be removed in SOL 2017-18?
    It would be greatly appreciated if you can help me in replying above query.


    1. Hi Ali, the MLTSS is the new name for the SOL so if your occupation is listed there then it will likely remain for the 2017 – 2018 Migration year.

  39. Hello Mark ,

    What could be the option for general accountant?.I just have lodged my EOI in 60 points , is there any chance to get invitation by having 60 points only ? . Do you have any idea when will be the number of quota for accounting will be declared by government ?.

    1. These questions are always difficult to answer unfortunately Raju as the likely hood of getting an invite isn’t only governed by the points and occupation but also the other candidates in front of you ‘in the queue’. I expect the new quotas to be published in the coming weeks. All the best!

  40. Hi Mark,

    I read that the MLTSSL list is still subject to the review outcome from the Department of Education and Training – does that means there might be a further removal of occupations from the MLTSSL list? Any idea when is the review outcome releasing?


    1. Lin, I think this is highly unlikely. The list has now been published as part of Australian Legislation so I think it is unlikely.



  41. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the article. May I know your forecast about “Mining Production Manager” occupation. I mean, is there any insight about the possibility of this occupation’s removal?
    I have already received my VET assessment and will be sitting the TOEFL exam in a month (I really need this time to get prepared). Then I will have a month ahead for EOI process. But, I am quite worried about the upcoming removals.
    Thank You
    Best Regards,

      1. Mark,
        yeah I saw it. Luckily my occupation is still there is the SOL (or from yesterday called MLTSSL!).
        btw, I appreciate your help.

  42. Hi Mark,

    Any idea about the External Auditor Position quota in 2017-2018 as this has been on the pro rata occupation list during the whole 2016-2017. Further, the minimum acceptable score for this is also 70 pts. This year the quota could increase or decline ? Additionally it is not a flagged occupation like Accountant.


      1. Mark,
        yeah I saw it. Luckily my occupation is still there is the SOL (or from yesterday called MLTSSL!).
        btw, I appreciate your help.

  43. Hello Mark,

    Do you know when will the 2017-18 SOL list be released?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Aurelien

      It tends to vary but based on prior years I would expect the 2017 – 2018 SOL to be issued in late May



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