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  • Australian visa skillselect invitation round results October 2020

    Skills Select Invitation Rounds – June 2019

    The Australia government has released the results of the last SkillsSelect invitation round for 2018 – 2019 migration year. Similar to Mays invitation rounds, the number of invitations issued is extremely low with only 110 invitations issued throughout the whole month! Unlike Mays result, the minimum number of points required to receive an invitation increased […] More

  • Warrnambool, Victoria DAMA Occupation List

    Warrnambool, Victoria Announces DAMA Occupation List

    The local government of Warrnambool on Victoria’s south-western coast has announced details and an occupation list of the Great South Coast region’s Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA). What is DAMA? Dama stands for Designated Area Migration Agreement DAMA provides a framework for employers, in a designated area, experiencing skills and labour shortages to sponsor skilled […] More

  • Australia-Points-Calculator-Changes-November-2019

    Australia Points Test Changes – November 2019

    We briefly wrote about the planned changes to the Australian Points test back in early April, however, following the publication of the legislative documents supporting the changes we can now go into a little more detail about what these changes may mean for overseas candidates looking to emigrate to Australia. The changes are relevant to […] More

  • South Australia to close for new state nominations from 24th June For State Nomination

    South Australia To Close For New State Nominations From 24th June

    The South Australian government has announced that to complete system updates for the new program year they will be closing the General Skilled Migration (GSM) state nomination 190/489 application system from 9 am on Monday 24 June. The full announcement is below: To complete system updates for the new program year Immigration SA will be […] More

  • Living in Western Australia Videos

    Living In Western Australia – Orientation Videos

    The Western Australian government has recently published a number of online orientation videos to help newly arrived skilled migrants and their families establish their new lives in Western Australia. These videos provide a range of useful information from schooling, playgroups, finances and transportation. We’ve included the current videos below for your viewing pleasure. Welcome and […] More

  • Free IELTS Preparation Video

    IELTS Preparation Video Resources

    Being a native English speaker, I was extremely fortunate that I didn’t have to sit down and take a test to prove my English Speaking capabilities as part of my Australian migration process. For many others, however, this is not the case, and showing that you have competent English is often one of the greatest […] More

  • Income Tax Australia - Australian Income Tax

    Income Tax In Australia – A Guide To Australian Income Tax

    Income tax in Australia is the most critical revenue stream within the Australian taxation system and like it or not, as a resident of Australia, you’re liable to pay income tax on income from all sources. Thankfully, one exception to this rule is the funds that you bring into Australia when you originally emigrate, and for […] More