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Getting Down Under Australia

Migrating to Australia Blog - our 300th postI forget sometimes that I’ve been updating Getting Down Under since January 2006 and it’s good to see that the site has developed during this time.

So I’m sat here this morning just messing about with a few things on the site and whilst doing so I checked out the ‘dashboard’.

The Dashboard gives me a number of snippets of interesting info but amongst other things it details my Blog Stats:

Blog Stats

There are currently 300 posts and 528 comments, contained within 19 categories.

300 posts! I didn’t realise my Gardening in Australia entry was such a monumental one. :)

Time flies when your writing huh! I remember seeing a funny picture about Blogging which I think may be quite apt for some Blogs out there.

I hope you guys find at least some of my ramblings useful? :)

Onwards and upwards as they say…

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