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Australian Immigration Advice ForumWay back in March 2006 I mulled over whether or not a forum would be a useful addition to our site.

Back in the day, Getting Down Under was a relitively new site. We only had a handful of visitors a day (less than 20) but I still wanted to create a place on the site where members could interact with each other a little more.

On the 20th of April of the same year, I launched our Community Forums and we had 6 folks register to join our forums in the first week :)

Fast forward a couple of years and I’m delighted to say that we’ve now got over 5000 members, with 20 – 30 new wannabe Aussies joining our community every single day :D

Getting down under now attracts over 1500 unique visitors daily and it’s great to see some of the interactions and friendships starting to be formed within our community.

Expat forums are a pretty common thing on the Internet however I wanted our forums to be different.

I wanted to create a friendly and safe community of like minded people who are willing to help each other out, not a forum governed by a few rude over spoken members or pushy moderators who make you feel stupid for asking the most basic of questions!

The best thing is… I think we’ve managed to do it to :D

Getting Down Under is not an easy task for the uninstantiated but with a support network around you of people who have already made the move down under, your can start to unpick the complex tangle of forms and procedures you’ll need to complete and undertake in order to fulfill your dream.

If you’d like to join our community then Click Here to register. Its simple, completely free of charge and you’ll make some new mates along the way.

I Look forward to seeing you on there :)

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