Welcome to Getting Down Under!

Getting Down Under was launched on the 17th January 2006 and since our Launch the site has continued to grow into one of the most respected Australian Immigration websites on the internet

Back in 2006 time, our family which comprises of me, ‘the missus’, our 4-year-old son and two cats were starting to prepare for a one way journey of a lifetime.

We wanted a better life for our family and a not so small country called Australia ticked all the boxes.

We knew the move wasn’t going to be an easy one and I wanted to keep a record, both for prosperity and also as a free resource for others who were looking and making the same move down under.

With this in mind, our site Getting Down Under was born.

Unlike many folks who Immigrate to Australia. We did everything ourselves. We didn’t utilise the expertise of a Migration agent so we had to do tons of digging along the way. Throughout the pages of our site we hope to share this knowledge with you.

We write about the woe’s of selling our house in the UK to the delights of purchasing our new home in Australia and everything in between.

We’ve applied for tax file numbers, driving licences, bought cars and electrical stuff, had a baby, planted gardens, avoided deadly spiders and it’s all documented here at Getting Down Under.

Since we arrived in Australia we’ve continued to build on this early content and our site now contains thousands of articles of interest. From changes in Immigration law to the latest Australian Visa processing time lines. We hope to cover a wide range of interesting topics for wannabe Aussies.

What’s really important is that you’re not alone in your journey and we hope the pages of our site make the journey down under a smoother one for you.

Welcome to Getting Down Under, we look forward to seeing you on the other side of the world! 8)

All the best

Mark :)