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Welcome to Getting Down Under!

Getting Down Under was launched back in December 2006 and since our Launch the site has continued to grow into one of the most respected Australian Immigration websites on the internet

back in 2006 time, our family which comprises of me, ‘the missus’, our 4-year-old son and two cats were starting to prepare for a one way journey of a lifetime.

We wanted a better life for our family and a small country called Australia ticked all the boxes.

We knew the move wasn’t going to be an easy one and I wanted to keep a record, both for prosperity and also as a free resource for others who were looking and making the same move down under.

With this in mind, our site Getting Down Under was born.

Unlike many folks who Immigrate to Australia. We did everything ourselves. We didn’t utilise the expertise of a Migration agent so we had to do tons of digging along the way. Throughout the pages of our site we hope to share this knowledge with you.

We write about the woe’s of selling our house in the UK to the delights of purchasing our new home in Australia and everything in between.

We’ve applied for tax file numbers, driving licences, bought cars and electrical stuff, had a baby, planted gardens, avoided deadly spiders and it’s all documented here at Getting Down Under.

Since we arrived in Australia we’ve continued to build on this early content and our site now contains hundreds of posts and articles of interest. From changes in Immigration law to the latest Australian Visa processing time lines. We hope to cover a wide range of interesting topics for wannabe Aussies.

What’s really important is that you’re not alone in your journey and we hope the pages of our site make the journey down under a smoother one for you.

Welcome to Getting Down Under, we look forward to seeing you on the other side of the world! 8)

All the best

Mark :)


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  1. Hello Mark,
    Greetings !!
    You are doing such a wonderful job by sharing your knowledge on blogs and helping people like us, God bless you, Really appreciate it !!
    Just wondering, I am an Australian citizen living with my family overseas from past more than 5 years 6 months since we got married, Its a very long term married relationship. I do have two kids as well and both are Australian citizen as well. Now, we are planning to move to Australia now. I need to hire an immigration lawyer or Migration agent for my Partner visa subclass -309/100. I need to lodge an application for my wife. I really appreciate if you could please suggest some good migration agents who being practicing as a lawyer too or an expert in doing partner visa especially.
    Expecting response at the earliest. Thank you !!

  2. Hi Mark,
    My name is Meenakshi Kajal. My husband is a painter by profession. he is working as painter in New Zealand for more than 3 years. he has done level 8 in in business management in New Zealand. I came in New Zealand in 2014 on student Visa. I have done level 7 in health service management and i am working as care coordinator for more than 2 years. Can you please help us we wants to apply residency or work visa for Australia on behalf of his painting experience. He has got 7.0 Band in IELTS. Please guide us i am happy to send all documents you will be needing.

  3. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for creating this forum for everyone’s benefit, it’s really great on your part. Thanks for helping others through this.

    I have a query pertaining to my application. I have applied for EOI in August 2017 for visa subclass 190 under the occupation of Marketing Specialist for NSW. I have 65 points in total. However, I haven’t received the invite yet. Could you support or suggest the reason for delay and what can be done next to expedite the process from my end or approach anyone who can assist well here. Thanks in advance for your help! Shalu

  4. hy mark
    i have completed my +2 in 2012 with 59 % than i have 2 years gap afterr my+2 .recently i havve completed my bchlrs with 58% . can i apply for AUS or NOT?

  5. Hi Guys :)

    Well, we did everything ourselves so we never really dealt with any agents specifically.

    Suggest as a starting point you have a good look around the Australian immigration website. The first step for you folks will be to decide under which class of Visa you would like to apply, once you have decided on the type of visa class your going to apply under then you will have a better idea about what the next steps are going to be as far as the relivant skills assesments etc.

    Have a good search through our forums : you will get tons of advice on there and you will also find many of your other questions will already have been answered. If you do finally decide to go the agent route then folks on the forums who used an agent will be able to make some recommendations :)

    I seriously wish you all the luck with your journey. Doing everything yourself is certainly possible, if your happy to read through the instructions provided within the many booklets on the immi website.

    When we applied it took us 18 months. Processing times are now more like 6 months so you could be there sooner then you think.

    All the best



  6. hi mark we have been thinking of emirating to australia for a while now and would like your advice;we have got throw on points as i am a civil engineerwe are wondering what to do next?

    what agents would you recomend as we live in the uk, some of the sites we ve been on ask for money up front for visas is this common practices?

    many thanks!!

  7. Hi Mark

    Just read all of your excellent website which I found very useful and interesting and glad to see that you had a great rekkie to Perth .. Decided to type Perth rekkie into google and got yu!

    I have been researching Perth for about four months now and like you am a fairly senior IT Manager type based in the UK. Alas my age has turned against me as I am now 41 so currently am 5 points off the pass mark without being sponsored .. Wife is a “retired” accountant on account of the children so we could get in in a few years when she has 12 months work experience

    My employer has a 25 man office in Perth and the potential to grow but the growth is really within our Singapore office where I was a couple of weeks ago (never quite made it to Perth!) and there is a reasonable probability that I might be expat’d their late this year/early next year. Currently iugging my management at every opportunity about Perth though!

    I have been actively researching the Perth IT employment market for about the last 4 months and know a few people there in the oil and gas business (which is what I work in now in Aberdeen – I manage an IT team on a global basis looking after our large scale applications – JD Edwards, Maximo etc) an have a support, PM, engagement and IT management background.

    I have wasted some time talking with a number of agents in Perth and sending off applications to no avail – not there, no visa, difficult market (as you said). My niche though is probably in the growing oil and gas sector if I can find a good opportunity.

    I am happy to share experiences with you – for example you may know that Woodside had about 11 IT management vacancies – they closed last week – one of which I have an app in for.

    It might not be too late and I can email you the job details if you like as I printed them – now off the website..

    Anyway, best of luck and if you want to get in touch feel free to do so ..

    From snowy/wintry Aberdeen!



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