Adelaide Vacation Travel Guide

Adelaide Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Adelaide – One of Australia’s most striking cities. The South Australian capital has the perfect combination of big-city living and outdoor beauty. Check out the best sights in Adelaide, here.

Visit the South Australian Museum, where you can learn about the region’s history—both European and the cultures that predated them. Get outside and see some of the city’s natural charms. Adelaide tours often include the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

Barossa Valley is about 50 miles northeast of Adelaide. This is one of Australia’s oldest winemaking regions, and you can sample one of its legendary Rieslings. Pick up some groceries at one of the Barossa markets, purchase a bottle of wine at one of the vineyards, and pick a spot in this valley for the perfect picnic.

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We hope you enjoyed this video titled Adelaide Vacation Travel Guide. Though our video guides are designed to provide further insight into what it might be like to live in the state of South Australia. We’re hopeful that this video will help you to choose places to visit (or even call home) when living in Australia.

Have you visited Adelaide before?

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Jess Grover

Love this city. Rundle Mall, Glenelg, Adelaide Oval, you know it. Also why is it called the city of churches?


Great city.

Fandy Dawenan

Almost one year being here and one more year left


why these videos are so well made. why


No celebrities ever come to Adelaide :( They are like "AUSTRALIAN TOUR!!!" and they go everywhere except Adelaide and I think it is the same for Darwin.


I live in Adelaide and i know ALL of these places :)


Adelaide my city <3

De U

beautiful city with a surprising amount of historic buildings

the phoenix 315

Best city in Australia


But, is the internet any good in Adelaide?

Surajit Bhattacharya

Great place to stay! Very green, very sunny and with a mild weather this is an extremely livable. The food and the wine are world class! The sporting scene and the theatre life is also excellent.

Lilac Milkshake

The first minute tells the beauty of capitalism.


Adelaide and Austin TX are sister cities……..they do seem to have similar vibe.

Alex brask

Sia is from Adelaide.

Simon Vance

Would NOT recommend adelaide as a place to live. The most UNpeaceful place I have ever lived..all you hear on the road is one obnoxious idiot after another day and night

Trey Trey

Bring back the Adelaide Rams!

Jean Lomp

I never knew Adelaïde was that beautiful. I was afraid to leave France and its European architecture but I guess a city like Adelaïde is a perfect blend of traditionnal and modern buildings so I would feel really well there. Maybe someday, if my husband agrees, we will go for good :)


Beautiful place indeed.


I have returned from Australia after 6 months spent in Adelaide. I lived in UK for 11 years and thought it would be nice to settle in Oz, have a nice house , good weather close to the ocean etc. So after 3 years I got state sponsored visa and had to go to Adelaide (I wanted to go to Brisbane initially). Well, I lasted 6 months lol. I worked there, bought 2 cars (for me and my wife), rented a newly built house, bought furniture and did everything in reverse after couple of months time. In short, the reasons… Read more »

Nivada Stars

Adelaide? More like Thehomeofpeoplewhocan'tgetlaide.

Tyler Williams

Greatest city of all time. Lived here for my whole life and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. It is a BRILLIANT city and you HAVE to come and visit.

dr ravi shanker

Perth is very cool and best city in the world many peoples amazing,when they seen the video of perth.realy this is amazing

ayhan x

I moved from Sydney to SA I love Adelaide ,happy to live clean & beautiful city

Nabeel Siddiqui

Australia is the most beautiful country in the world

Tamar Lejava

Adelaide is big and beautiful city.nuture was bully and another locals.

Anthony Kernich

From these comments, everyone wants to move here. I live here and I can't wait to get out.

donkey ass reviews and do's

The world famous malls balls don't forget

Madison Ward

"Unlike many other Australian capital cities, it was not made up of convicts"

yet the government at the time spent 2/3 of its budget on a jail

Stanlig Films

i love adelaide! it is a beautiful city!

T.K 1996

Miss you Adelaide

NDM Vlog

Adelaide where I really want to come back there again.

nowshad rahman

Im going to this beautiful place on 8th July 2018.. Um so excited as it feels to me
like um going to see heaven.. :D

donkey ass reviews and do's

Adelaides marijuana is the best, smoke up

Flight Of Spice Blog

Im so addicted to travel! #Gypset


I suggest coming here in our summer season and take your kids on a strawberry picking at the beerenburg strawberry farm near harndorf in the Adelaide hills or Melba's Chocolate Factory. During winter we'll Adelaide has library's museums and art galleries to explore but it's still kinda boring in winter the city is so focus on its summer places not much to do in winter.

Elias Kosmidis

Cool video. I just uploaded a 2 minute clip shot in Adelaide where I grew up, would love to hear your thoughts.

Natalie Tsz Ching Chan

I just came back from Adelaide yesterday, it was AMAZING! Yes, it's true that Adelaide might be boring for those party and night animals, but it's definitely a lovely city surrounded by the nature, you can easily find parks around it. Anyway I'll definitely visit Adelaide again very soon xx love from Melbourne

Mr Random

A boring place to live in

Petros Kara Vlogs

Adelaide is surrounded by the Antarctic Ocean (Southern Ocean)

Anoop K A

Australia is the most exquisite country, I really fascinated to live and work in Aussizz. Moreover, they are protecting nature in incredible ways also have many alluring tall buildings.

Thomas Pedersen

My grand daughter is named Adelaide. She's a beauty.

steve gordon

Watching this from the UK.Do the Australians realize how lucky they are!

Kris B

We drove from nsw to adelaide the other day. Im from adelaide. As we drove in on the a32 my friend says we must be near the beach with all those seagulls? Umm no. Thats all from the Wingfield rubbish tip. Its actually a pretty awful look driving in past all that factory and rubbish. I lived in adl for 35yrs and can't say i miss the place.

glanee fernandez atendido

My home for 7yrs❤️.. Relax, laidback, classy small city.. Had good memories, good friends cos of you..I luv u my dear Adelaide.

Linda Fukuyu

I think Australia is more beautiful than America :-P I need to go to Australia soon ..

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