Advanced Connectors And Phrases For Ielts Speaking: How To Give Opinions - Ielts Speaking Videos - October 2021

Advanced connectors and phrases for IELTS Speaking: How to give opinions

Hello my friends, you know in IELTS Speaking, especially Part 3, you need to give opinions, but many students use the same expressions like,”erm, I think, I think, I agree, I think”.

Today, I am going to give you some advanced phrases and connectors so you can give opinions confidently in IELTS Speaking

Topics covered in this video:

00:00 Welcome
00:02:00 Common Question Types
00:02:47 Food Question
00:03:42 Basic Connectors
00:05:15 Chunking your answer
00:06:47 Pollution Question
00:07:30 Connectors to Give 2 Ideas
00:09:52 Mixing up connectors
00:11:20 Mobile phone question
00:15:10 Giving general opinions
00:18:01 Summarising opinions

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  1. Common Question Types

    What do you think about … ?
    How can we solve this problem?
    Should we … ?
    Why do you think … ?
    Tell me more …

    Food Question

    Why do you think some people eat a lot of fast food?
    They're addicted to it because it's just so tasty, even though they know it's bad for their health.

    Basic Connectors

    Well, …
    Well, I guess …
    Well, I suppose …
    Well, I reckon … (I think)

    Chunking your answer

    Well, to be honest, I think …
    Between you and me, I think …
    Well, it could be that …
    Well, it could be …

    Pollution Question

    How can we solve the problem of noise pollution in big cities?
    I think we can solve this issue by introducing regulations limiting noise in certain parts of town

    Connectors to give 2 ideas

    I've got mixed feelings about this, … but then again it might be better to …
    I've got mixed feelings about this, … but on the other hand, it might be better to …
    I'm in two minds about this, … but on the other hand …
    I'm in two minds about this, I reckon … but then again …

    Mixing up connectors

    First of all, …
    Well, to be honest, first of all, …
    Well, for starters, …

    Mobile phone question

    Should children be allowed to use a mobile phone at school?
    It's a bad idea because they will just use it for playing games

    That's quite a controversial question. I think …
    I was mulling this over recently and I think …
    I've been thinking about this quite a lot recently and I think …
    The way I see it …
    What I reckon is …

    Giving general opinions

    By and large, I think …
    At first glance … mind you it could be good …
    At first sight … mind you it could be good …
    At first glance … that said it could be good …

    Summarizing opinions

    Should we encourage children to participate in teams?
    Yes, they need to get ready to live in a competitive society

    All in all, I'd say yes, because …
    At the end of the day, I'd say yes, because …
    Yes, we might as well …

  2. Amazing Sir …. Like I cn say I am a very bad student bt if I got you as my primary amd secondry teacher so I think I made Dr. Definitely sir … U r truly amazing owssomasem teacher for me. I m following U sir n watching every videos ….

  3. Hello everyone and especially Mr. Keith, thanks for your help. Well, I'd say this video is really useful for our IELTS exam. It depends really on how you watch it. If you watch besides that taking notes, it is so easy to succeed but then again if you don't do this it is less useful for you. All in all, I'd say we really study hard and watch the video carefully. (What do you (Mr. Keith and others who watch this video) think our connectors? Please let me know. Comment below it.)

  4. I am preparing with my EILTS exam and I am so happy to find your videos. Very helpful especially the mimicking some lines. Great videos sir, wish me luck with my EILTS Exam.

  5. Don't get me wrong, it all very good advice, but isn't all this supposed to basic? I understand you must already be acquainted with such colloquialisms before taking the IELTS exam.
    Still, very useful information, something that one doesn't give much thought to while speaking especially when English is your second language. And yeah, this makes you sound oh so posh!

  6. Hi,
    I had my LWR today. writing task 1 goes as follows:
    Write an application to the head teacher of school to grant a day's off.
    Unfortunately, I wrote the letter to grant one day leave for my son
    instead of myself.
    Is that fine or we should always write letter in our context only. I am so worried.

  7. Keith, you're simply amazing! Such a wonderful combination of tips and tricks for IELTS Speaking! Really helped me get my desired band. And keep us entertaining with your funny bits and bobs as well.

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