£10 Return Flight Tickets To Attract British Backpackers

£10 Return Flight Tickets To Attract British Backpackers - South Australia - July 2022

How’s this for a deal – The so-called “ten-pound Pom” scheme has been reborn as a tourism campaign to bring British backpackers back to Australia in the wake of the pandemic.

The original ten-pound Pom campaign also known as the ‘Assisted Passage Migration Scheme’ was launched after the second world war with the Australian government luring hundreds of thousands of Britons over the seas with a £10 ticket to boost the population and supply post-war industries with workers.

The 2022 version of the ten-pound scheme is a little more limited in its scope but still represents amazing value with the return flights costing only £10.

Australia £10 Return Flight – What Is The Catch?

Under the scheme, which is the brainchild of the South Australian state government, only 200 young people will be able to apply, they won’t be able to bring their kids with them (unless they pay for them under a separate arrangement we guess), and they’ll need a A$495 (or around £281) working holiday visa first.

British or Irish citizens with the visa can only apply for the £10 return ticket through the British travel company Trailfinders and you’ll need to register your interest by Clicking Here.

Australia Offering £10 Return Flight Tickets To Attract British Backpackers
The £10 Return Flight will be via the well known Qatar Airlines

The tickets go on sale in May and according to the Trailfinders site, visitors must also travel by 30 September 2022. If they’re one of the lucky 200 applicants, you will also have to choose between a three-night arrival pack (£171), staying in a “sociable hostel” in Adelaide, or a six-night pack (£244).

A Backpacker Boost For South Australia

Australian Hotels Association general manager Ian Horne said the “clever” strategy would draw more attention to SA and was a much-needed step closer to reopening the state’s backpacker market.

“We want to attract these young people to come to South Australia. We know when they come, they not only work here, they additionally stay and spend as tourists,” he said.

“They also act as ambassadors for Adelaide and South Australia – telling their friends back home about all the great opportunities we have for work and play here.”



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