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Western Australia Electricity and Pwer Cuts

I’ve already raved about Western Australia’s transport system, the wonders of Australian Wildlife and the greatness of the parks but I need to have a small  rest bite  from loving this great country I now call home.

Its 6 30 am at time of typing and I’m on the train using the blog by email feature I discovered a while back. Its dark and it’s raining and its Monday and I’m traveling into work. Booooo! :)

I’m also knackard, I woke up at 2am and couldn’t get back to sleep, I tried but by about 4am I thought sod it and got up and ready for the day ahead.

So, I’m grumpy and feel like having a bit of a bitch for a few minutes about the wonders of Electricity so please bare with me!

I think the folks in Western Oz have done a fantastic job when it comes to deploying an infrastructure to support its people.

It seems though that the same folks who designed the transport systems and parks and other good stuff may have been in the pub (or they simply ran out of money) when it came to developing a power supply large enough and stable enough to support the population that uses it.

Last night we had a power cut, sure everyone has power cuts but this is about the fourth or fifth power cut we have had in the last few months.

I’m not talking five minute cuts in power either. Last night for example it must have stretched to over four hours. We were in bed by 9 30!

It transpires, through earlier conversations with my Aussie chums at work that these frequent power cuts are a bit of a feature when it comes to living in the Northern Suburbs (aka WupWup). Something to do with inadequate planning when new housing developments are being put in.

Joy of joys eh! Its a good job everything else about this country is perfect!

Nearly in work now, need a Latte….Yaaaaaaawn!

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