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When we bought our first car in Australia we were pleasantly surprised by the cost and as a car is going to be a likely purchase for most folks immigrating to Australia, I thought I’d write a short entry on new car prices in Australia versus those you’d find back in the UK.

I decided to use a couple of familiar manufacturers and models by way of comparison to help you visualise what kind of car you can get for your hard earned money down here.

Please note that this is not an all-embracing review by any means, but it will give you a general idea. :)

If you’re really looking for extensive data it’s easy enough to search and compare using the information all major manufacturers make available on the Australian and UK versions of their websites (See list at the bottom of this entry)

As for the car themselves, surprisingly, even European cars are priced very competitively here in Oz.

Doing a quick comparison of the price we paid for the Holden Astra we bought this weekend versus the price of a similarly -spec’d Astra listed on the Vauxhall UK website, it works out that we’re paying over £4000 less for a brand new Astra down under then we would for a similar model back in the UK. That’s nearly 30% cheaper.

Doing a similar price comparison of a Ford Focus using the information published within the pages of the UK and Australian Ford Websites, a 1.8 Ford Focus Zetec in Australia would set you back $27,490 or £10,996.

The same Zetec at time of typing in the UK would cost you £14,245!

An Extra £3,279 to buy, what would probably be the same right hand drive Ford Zetec model but in the UK! Even if the exchange rate gets worse, there’s still big savings to be had on Fords over here to.

It really does make you wonder why we are able to buy European cars (possible cars that may have even been manufactured back in the UK) cheaper over here then they are back in Blighty.

I guess the astronomical amount of tax levied on new car purchases back in the UK might be something to do with it but I’m pretty glad that we are able to take advantage of a more economical car market over here.

It’s also something to keep in mind for those of you contemplating shipping your four wheeled pride and joy down under.

Note – Where price comparisons have been made I’ve used today’s exchange rate of 2.5 Aussie Dollars to the UK Pound so please don’t start complaining about my math if your calculations don’t work out the same ;)

Useful Websites (open on new page):

Ford – UK / Ford – Australia

Vauxhall – UK / Holden – Australia

Volkswagen – UK / Volkswagen – Australia

Honda – UK / Honda – Australia

Subaru – UK / Subaru – Australia

Mitsubishi – UK / Mitsubishi – Australia

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