Australia Migrants Country Of Origin 2020

Country Of Origin Australian Migrants 2020

Have you ever wondered which country of origin Australia’s migrants come from? Well, wonder no more as the department of Home Affairs has revealed India is the largest source of migrants to Australia.

Back in the good old pre-COVID-19 days, The total permanent Migration Program outcome for 2018-19 was 160,323 places, of which 33,611 places went to Indian citizens.

China with 24,282 places ranked second largest source of migrants while the United Kingdom with 13,689 places came in third.

See the charts below for the top ten citizenship countries of migrants to Australia in 2020.

Top 10 Country Of Origin Australian Migrants 2020 Table
Top 10 Country Of Origin Australian Migrants 2020 Table (Source:

Among the states of Australia, the one that conferred the largest number of citizens was Victoria with 60,081 people. Then came NSW with 58,833, Queensland with 31,714, Western Australia with 30,394 and South Australia with 14,135 people.

The total of new additions to Australian citizens in 2018 was 80,649. So, the number has just doubled in the 2019-20 period!

Skilled migrants top the list

Of all the permanent places granted in 2018-19, the Skill Stream accounted for 69.8 per cent of the migration program.

In 2018-19, 109,713 places were delivered in the Skill Stream, 47,247 places were delivered in the Family stream and 115 places were delivered in the Special Eligibility stream.

Within the skill stream:
  • The Permanent Employer Sponsored Entry (PESE) category had an outcome of 42,012 places.
  • The General Skilled Migration (GSM) had an outcome of 60,240 places.
  • The Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP) had an outcome of 7261 places and
  • The Distinguished Talent category had an outcome of 200 places

“Demand for places in the Skill stream has decreased by 11.8 per cent in the 2018-19 program year compared with 2017-18. There were 118,076 first stage applications received in the Skill stream in 2018-19 compared to 133,856 first stage applications in 2017-18,” the report states.

Demand for Family Stream rises

47,247 places were granted permanent residency within the family stream in 2018-19.

With 39,918 places, partner visas accounted for 84.5 per cent of the 2018-19 Family stream outcome. 5587 places went to the Contributory Parent and 1218 places went to Non-contributory Parent category.

The Family Stream category has seen a huge increase in demand with 200,779 applications pending as of June 30 2019.

“Demand for places in the Family stream in 2018-19 was 5.1 per cent higher than in 2017-18.

“The pipeline on 30 June 2019 was 200,779 first stage applications.

“The Partner category accounted for 44.2 per cent of the Family stream pipeline. Contributory Parent and Non-Contributory Parent categories accounted for 26.3 per cent and 24.9 per cent of the total Family stream pipeline, respectively,” the report states.

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