Australia Skilled Migration Points – Changes On The Way

australian points partner visa

Changes coming into effect from November 2019 will affect applicants with a partner and single applicants.

These changes will prioritise applicants who are single or whose partner can demonstrate competent English. The changes will impact subclass 189 and 190 visas.

From November 2019, the points test will be adjusted to award additional points to the primary applicants, where their partner has competent English, but cannot meet the requirements for skilled partner points.

At present, any visa applicant can claim additional points for his or her partner’s skills and English competency.

What about single applicants?

New changes will benefit single applicants also.

Single applicants will be awarded additional points to ensure they are not disadvantaged.

With that said, how the system will calculate points is not clear yet. When it does become more clear we’ll write about it here.

October 2019 – Update – Please see this post: New Australian Points Test – Updates And Clarifications

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1 year ago

Hi Mark
My spouse achieved 70 points on 26th April-2019 and her occupation code is 261313.
I also have 60 points and i did my skill assessment in 2018 with the occupation code : 233513.

What are all the probabilities to receive 189/190 invitations in the 2019-2020 programme?

1 year ago

It would be advantageous for a single applicant like me to have additional points. Hopefully it will be implemented as soon as possible.

1 year ago

Currently, I as main applicant, am unable to claim points for my partner as her occupation is not on the same list as mine. With these new changes does it now mean that I will be able to get points as long she scores competent or more in the exam?

Godswill Alozie
8 months ago

Must I write an English test as the main applicatnt for subclass 189?

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