Australian 189 Skilled Independent Visa Age Threshold Lowered

Australian Skilled Visa Age Threshold

The Australian Government has introduced new changes for the subclass 189 Skilled Independent visas resulting in applicants aged over 45 years will no longer qualify to apply under the 189 Skilled Visa Stream.

New age ceiling for subclass 189 Skilled Independent visa

The new requirement for applicants to be under age 45 will be implemented on 1 July 2017. This change will not affect you if:

  • You have received an Invitation to Apply from SkillSelect before 1 July 2017, and you have submitted the visa application before 1 July 2017.
  • You are applying as a secondary applicant

All applicants will need to be below 45 years of age to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA)

Ae you affected? Let us know in our comments!

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  1. Hi,

    I was born on 29th March 1974, would be considered under 45 as of 4th April 2018 ?


  2. my age is 32 years and 3 months and i am applying for 189 can you please tell me how many points i will get for age?

  3. Hi, thank you for your time.
    This may be a basic question, but how do I get to know how many point I’m at? Is it by applying on the immi’s website?

  4. I’m managing my father’s business he is properiter but I’m managing all the business so let me know either I’m eligible or not for business innovation and investment visa provisional because his age over 75

  5. Hello Mark,
    I have a question which is haunting me from a long time.

    What is you get an invitation from AU for 189 subclass and suppose you have applied for VISA as well.
    If all my documents are valid, is it 100% sure that i will get a visa ?
    Is there any possibility of getting my visa rejected without any reason?
    Do we get an assured visa to migrate to AU ?


  6. Good day,
    We are in the process of applying for the 189 visa. My fear is my husband the primary visa applicant turns 45 on the 23 March, 2018.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Much appreciated.

    Thanks you

    1. It’s a valid fear Coreen and I would encourage you to progress your application as soon as possible.

      1. Thank you Mark for your reply. We are praying his English test will be a success on the 14 October . Then we will get vetassessed and proceed with the EOI.
        Kind regards Coreen

  7. Hi Mark,
    My partner is 45 he falls under 4 occupations in the skills list, I have family out there and there could be a possible job for him out there, we are disappointed as the age limit has just been lowered. With the family and job possibilities is a visa application of any time for permanent residency now out of the question?
    Thanks Clare

  8. Hi Mark,
    I am mechanical engineer, and currently I have 60 points. Am I be able to apply for EOI for 189 visa?

  9. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for sharing the information about Australia visa and age details

  10. HI Mark , it seems that they have updated the list again to be implemented from 1st july 2017 wih further 12 occupations removed. Are you aware of any other changes being made for the Invitaions to be sent out.
    I applied in Dec 2016 as an industrial engineer for Visa 189

  11. Hi Mark,
    I am an Iranian experienced civil engineer with 60 points, regarding the policy before 1st July 2017.
    How will changes affect me?
    there would be any chance for me after that time?

    1. Hi Ali, are you over 45 years of age? If so then, for now, I am afraid your choices are limited, unfortunately. Consider speaking to an Australian migration agent to reassess your options. Many agents will give you an initial consultation for free.

  12. Hello Mark. Appreciate for your committed task and helping others who are in great need.
    I am 43 yrs now. I got 55 points at present. I am IT PROFESSIONAL, listed in the Latest SOL, Striving still to get 60 points. On the other hand I do work offshore for an Australian Company – Energy Australia. My sister lives in Australia, Sydney.
    Am i closer to get my dream come true OR should i give it up due to my age factor. Please advice.

    1. Hi Raj, the age limit is 45 for most skilled based visa classes so you still have time. There are also a number of technology related roles on the latest skills list so you still have the opportunity to qualify.

  13. Hi mark, i have applied for 189 visa with 60 points in November 2016 and in April 2017 it has updated to 65 points as my experience increased and the same update in EOI now i am with 65 points applied for programmer analyst when can i expect my invitation. please help me out with helpful answer.

    1. Hi Faisal, it’s almost impossible to say, unfortunately. Please see the article I posted here to see why.

    2. So, mark you are saying programmer analyst are going to be removed from the list??? If you can elobrate really appriciate it

      1. Hi Faisal. No I’m not saying that. Did you read the article I linked? :)

        I said it was difficult to say because we have no visibility of the other applicants who have applied under the same occupation who are also waiting for an invite.

        If they have more points or have been waiting longer, they will receive an invitation before you do.

        Hope this makes sense


  14. Hello sir can you please tell what are the current optimum points required for getting PR in the field of bachelor of IT and how much time. Please sir if you can give some practical statistics because I have heard that the PR is difficult even at 65… So please if you guarantee a certain points for assured PR.
    Rishi Joshi.

  15. Hi Mark ,
    What are the chances of Ships officer , Ships Master and Ships Engineer being removed from the SOL from 1st of July 2017 under skilled independent visa subclass 189 ?


    1. Hi, these occupations have been flagged for potential removal so the likelihood is quite high (though not guaranteed).

  16. Hi Mark, will this have any impact on the age points as well?? As of now, the following points are awarded based on the age group invitees fall under.
    Age at time of invitation
    18-24 25 points
    25-32 30 points
    33-39 25 points
    40-44 15 points
    45-49 0 points

    So does this mean only the last row(45-49 age group) from the above table will not be applicable from July 1st and rest of the age groups and the corresponding points will still continue to apply post July 1st??

    1. I don’t think so Nitin (at least nothing has been announced to suggest otherwise).