Australian Skills Assessment Assessing Authority List – 2019

Australian Skills Assessment Authority Contact Details

An Australian Skills assessment is required if you are looking to emigrate to Australia under one of the skilled Visa workstreams. In simple terms, a skills assessment ensures that the qualifications and experience you say you have actually existed. This is a key governance step undertaken by the Australian government as part of the Australian Migration process.

To help support the Australian government with this process, they have partnered with a number of accredited organisations who will be responsible for undertaking a skills assessment on their behalf.

These organisations are referred to as the Assessing Authority on the various skills occupations lists you may come across.

The skills assessment involves assessing your qualifications and employment against the suitability of your nominated occupation. A positive assessment of both qualifications and employment is required for a successful skills assessment for migration purposes

If you look at our skilled occupations lists, you will note that the assessing body is referenced within both the MLTSS or STSOL lists. The assessing body (indicated in most cases as an acronym) is the assessing authority responsible for completing the skills assessment for each occupation.

australian visa skills assessment contact details.

Due to the sheer number of different occupations that can be used to qualify for a skilled Australian Visa, the number of assessing bodies is equally vast.

As such we have provided a listing of all of the current assessing authorities with their full names and contact details so you can further explore the process, forms, and fees for each assessing body.

If we have missed any of the assessing bodies used to complete an Australian skills assessment, please let us know by either using the report function or a comment at the end of this article.

Australian Skills Assessment Assessing Authority List

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