Australia To Offer Working Holiday Visas To Indian Backpackers

Australia To Offer Working Holiday Visas To Indian Backpackers

After almost a decade of negotiations, Australia and India have signed an interim trade agreement which the Australian government says is a significant step towards diversifying export markets and reducing ‘Australia’s economic dependence on China by opening up new opportunities in a large and expanding economy.’

Trade Minister Dan Tehan said the deal would cement ties and boost trade with a crucial partner, declaring it a “historic” agreement.

“Tariffs will be eliminated on more than 85 per cent of Australia’s export goods to India, and that will rise to almost 91 per cent over ten years,… There is comprehensive agreement here with the world’s fastest-growing major economy he said.

1000 Working Holiday Visas Now Available for Indians

What will be particularly pleasing for our Indian visitors is that Australia has opened up 1,000 working holiday visas to Indian backpackers. For Indians under the age of 35, it’s a great opportunity to visit and work in Australia while presenting an option for backpackers to come into the country to ease the pressure on Australian employers.

Longer post-study visas for Indian Students

In addition to the working holiday visas, The Australian government has also agreed to offer a longer post-study visa for top Indian students in IT, engineering, mathematics and science graduates.


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