Australia Visa Invitation Rounds To Be Quarterly In 2021

Australia Visa Invitation Rounds To Be Quarterly In 2021

The New Year brings new changes with the Department of Home Affairs announcing a change in the frequency of invitation rounds in 2021.

“The Department will run quarterly invitation rounds for the remainder of 2020-21 program year. The next invitation round will run in January 2021,”

It was October 2020 when the last Skillselect invitation rounds were published and though we’re not expecting significant numbers of invitations to be published in January, the quarterly review cycle makes a little more sense given the lower volume of invitations issued in recent rounds.

The Department of Home Affairs says the 2020-21 Migration Program provides flexibility for the responsible Minister to adjust skilled migration planning levels as circumstances require.

The Government is closely monitoring migration and visa settings to ensure they are consistent with public health measures, are flexible and do not displace job opportunities for Australians, so that Australia can effectively respond to the immediate and subsequent impacts of COVID-19.

What’s your thoughts?

Will this be good news or bad? What do you think? Let us know in our comments below.

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  1. Will points criteria also changes when you apply for EOI and due to quarterly rounds age point changes ?

    Example I applied EOI in Feb and getting age point 30 as my DOB: 24th Mar now in april next round will happen and I will turn 33 and will I loose 5 points ?

    Quarterly round affects some one whose Age points changes .

    1. Hi, your birthdate and the date of the invitation will govern how many points you get, as soon as you turn 33, the points you qualify for your age will reduce by 5 points.

  2. surely it looks like that these poultry and dairy farm hand roles are rarely posted and where possible how would one get hired on TSS482 visa sponsorship based on 42years of age and with UACE secondary education factors