Australian 457 Visa Holders to get a better deal

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457 Visa Applicants are to get a better deal from today

Australian businesses that want to bring in skilled workers on what are known locally as ‘457 visas’ will have to be prepared to pay them market wages from next week.

The Immigration Minister, Chris Evans, has announced details of the changes to the temporary visa program which are designed to end the potential for workers to be exploit.

“The payment of market salary rates will ensure that overseas workers are not used as a cheap form or labour or used to undercut Australian wages and conditions.” senator Evans said.

Previously migrant workers have been paid as little as $45,000 AUD per year with some companies often choosing cheaper migrant workers over local ones.

The new legislation would protect local workers and also ensure that people immigrating to Australia in search of work would receive a fair deal.

The legislation comes into effect on 14 September and will apply to all new 457 visa holders except those in industries where huge above-award payments are available, such as mining.

The move is sure to be welcomed by many workers immigrating to Australia for work reasons. This new legislation is part of a wider review of skilled worker visas and the skilled occupations lists, as Australia continues to encourage skilled workers to immigrate and fill up the shortfalls in the skilled labour workforce that many regions of Australia face.

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Ashley Johnston-Doey
8 years ago

My husband will 47 in July this year and he is a self-employed painter and decorator. We are struggling to know how to get a sponsored employer in Australia. Can anyone please advise us.

10 years ago

i am metal machinist . i have assesed by tra. my ielts score is 5.5 so plz help me for find sponcer for 457 visa .

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