Australian 457 visa program to be reviewed

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Australia 457 Business Visa Under ReviewThe 457 Temporary Skilled Migrant Visa is in the news today, with the federal government commissioning a review following accusations that foreign workers are being exploited.

Industrial relations commissioner Barbara Deegan will head a working party of industry and trade union leaders looking into the 457 visa program.

Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Evans said the six-month review would address concerns about the exploitation of migrant workers, salary levels and English language requirements with Industry and union groups in Australia welcoming the decision.

The general secretary of the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union, John Sutton, says the deregulation of the visa program under the Howard government allowed abuse of the system and workers’ rights

Mr Sutton told ABC Radio.

“”We’re seeing the deaths of these workers..We’re seeing many instances of workers being badly underpaid, we’re seeing instances of workers living 12 to a house in appalling accommodation, we’re seeing their pay packets tampered with and money deducted without their permission.

“The new commissioner who has been given the task of getting to the bottom of these issues will certainly be very busy.”

Not all 457 Visa workers are effected though. Recruitment and Consulting Services Association spokesman Charles Cameron said more than two thirds of workers hired with 457 visas were professionals and managers who were not vulnerable to exploitation.

I makes you wonder if the 457 Visa is a little to diverse for it’s own good?

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