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Australian Big Brothers Aleisha

Australian big brother has been running for the last 14 weeks.

Just Like big brother programs running in other countries the concept pretty much rests on a very strange, hand picked cross section of the general public being chucked into the confines of the big brother house and being filmed 24 x 7 for our viewing pleasure.

The Australian version of big brother had some good twists which I’ve not seen on the UK version which is running now apparently.

firstly, when all the housemates moved into the house on the first day big brother joyfully announced that there was going to be no prize money.

The contestants ended up having to ‘grow’ their prize pot by competing in a series of games with the pot growing to a quite handy $425,000 (approx £185k) by the end of the program which was won by a 24 year old, blonde haired Aussie chick called Aleisha!

Another nice feature that I liked was the fact that all the contestants had to give a proper reason for nominating their fellow housemates for eviction otherwise they risked being put up for eviction by big brother himself. Non of this ‘I vote for Sheala because I don’t get on with her as well as I do Bruce’.

Perhaps the most entertaining viewing though, came last night; eviction night!

The votes were ‘so close’ that the presenters had to pad for over an hour before they could announce who the winner was. I’m sure the media may well report on the real reason for the delay but I’m pretty sure some serious computer cock ups were to blame.

You could almost hear the voices of the TV executives screaming at the techos to sort out the issue. You could slice the tension in the air, the presenter even had a rubber chicken thrown at her head by a member of the audience. Rubber chickens! Classic!

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