Australian Computer society (ACS) updates evaluation criteria

Australian Computer society (acs) updates skillselect evaluation criteria

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has published a new version of their evaluation criteria.

Though the changes do not appear significant, we’d still suggest you familiarise yourselves with the updated documents if the ACS will be playing a role in the completion of your Australian Skills assessment.

The changes noted by the ACS are as follows

  • Update to the ethical standards (section 1.4).
  • Update document requirements and criteria(section 2.1).
  • Update qualification (section 5) and Employment (section 7) requirements.
  • Introduction of payment evidence requirements and Region Specific requirements.
  • Update Statutory Declarations and affidavit (section 7.4)

Check out the most recent ACS Summary of Criteria Requirements for a Suitable ICT Skills Assessment here:

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Abi assefa
7 months ago

Thanks Mark ,about your updated message.

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