Australian Election Results Announced – More Opportunities For Regional Visas?

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Australian Election Results Announced - More Opportunities For Regional Visas? - julia gillard remains in power - Getting Down Under australian election results, australian labour party, Election, immigration visa, Independent, julia gillard, majority, Party, regional populations, VisasWell, the Australian Labour Party (headed up by Australia’s first female PM Julia Gillard) has held onto the majority of seats, and will continue as Australia’s Government for another 3 year term.

As we’ve reported earlier, Australia’s government has been in question for weeks after the election did not reveal a clear winner. However after the 3 Australian Independent Ministers made their decisions on which major party they would support, the labour party had enough seats to win the majority of power in Government.

The independent ministers will hold considerable power within the new government as they will most likely have the deciding votes in any controversial policy changes.

In terms of Australian immigration, it is expected that the independent ministers will also be pushing for more immigration to regional areas, to help boost regional populations and provide skilled professionals to regional communities. This could be a good thing for wannabe Aussie migrants looking to head out to the ‘bush’.

Will the newly elected Labour Party policies have an impact on future Australian immigration visa numbers?

Well, we’ve heard before that the Australian PM want’s to keep Australia Small. This headline grabber was before the election though when immigration numbers were, not surprisingly, a very emotive subject.

It’ll be interesting to see how things finally pan out. Australia needs more migrants to substain our growing economy. Lets just hope the folks who now find themselves in power for the long term realise that.

As always, we’ll keep you guys in the loop should anything of interest crop up over the coming weeks.

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