Australian Government Slashes Visa Places By 15 Percent

Australian Government Migration Cap

Australian prime minister Scott Morrison announced this week that permanent migration will be capped at 160,000 for the next four years which represents a 15 per cent decrease compared to the previous levels of 190,000 places

He also announced that two new regional visas for skilled workers will be introduced that will reportedly cover 23,000 new places.

For the latter visa, Three years residence in an Australian regional area (outside of a major Australian City) will be required in order to qualify for permanent residency.

One benefit is that people entering Australia under these new regional visas will be given priority processing. Additionally, they will also have access to a larger pool of available jobs.

However, those who breach the conditions of these new visas by relocating to cities during this initial three-year term will not be eligible for permanent residency or worse, risk cancellation of their visa and removal from Australia.

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Really not making peoples lives any easier hey Mark?

Interesting mixed messages in this announcement from the Aussie government.

Either they need more people or they don’t!

Having said that. I’m certainly one who would be more than happy to spend a few years in a regional area if it meant i’d be able to get PR in that wonderful country!

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