Australian Immigration Advice Forum Launched

made the move to australia

Hi Guys

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our Australian immigration advice forums.

I have had quite a few enquiries from folks using our contact form with questions relating to their move down under.

I’ve answered these questions as best as I can but thought it would be useful to have a forum so that everyone can see the responses given.

In addition to this, a number of our new forums act as gateways to the Usenet communities. You can therefore use these forums to access the Australia and New Zealand immigration news groups from anywhere in the world without having to worry about installing some fandangled newsreader software on your PC.

Many people post to these groups including Migration agents and those people who made the move many months ago. Posting to these forums therefore; will get you a speedy and well-educated reply.

Any posts made to these groups via members who are not using our forum software are also syndicated back to our forums so you can easily view and reply or search through these posts for useful snippets of advice.

I hope you find these new forums a good addition to our site and hope more so that you take the time to join our community so we can all make the journey together!

Click here to goto our new immigration advice forums

All the best



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10 years ago

I have applied for Canada PR Immigration Visa, planning to apply for Australian PR Sub class175 visa also. Is it possible to get/use Dual PR Visa stamp on same passport? is it legaly accepted?


11 years ago

I once had worked in Australia for many years and now want to visit some friends and settle some business issues. I want to know what is the most convinient visa for me? For this visa need, what documents should I submit? and how long it will take for process?

please inform me how can I register in your forum?

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