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Australian Immigration Articles - What do you guys want? - australian immigration question - Getting Down Under site feedbackOK, so at time of typing I’ve written over 330 Articles and Blog Entries here at getting down under.

Some of these have been pretty useful and quite popular, others have been… well, pretty pants.

The content for my Blog entries is pretty straight forward as I’m just talking about what my family and I have been up to since arriving in Australia or commenting on stuff which I think might be of use to wannabe Aussies.

The articles I write however are based on information which I wished was a little more readily available when we made the move down under and I’d like to research and write a few more.

At the end of the day I know through my web stats that we have many return visitors so I must be doing something right. Our Australian Immigration Advice forums are also starting to do pretty well but more importantly we’re also starting to see the creation of a nice little community which I think is important for any site.

With this in mind I’d like to seek some advice from you guys for a change. What kind of articles and information would you like to see available here at getting down under.

I’m happy to do the research and leg work to find and present the information to you but I’d really like to make sure that before I do this leg work and write this stuff that it’s actually something that you’d find useful.

Advice and suggestions are very much appreciated so let me have it. Simply post a comment below and I’ll see what I can do for you guys :D

Cheers all


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