Australian Migration Agent Fees – 2013

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migration agent feesIt was all the way back in 2011 when we last wrote about the fee’s charged by registered Australian migration agents.

With this in mind I thought it would be useful to provide an update for those of you currently contemplating using a migration agent to emigrate to Australia.

Australian Migration Agent Fees

The table below details the average Fee’s charged by Australian Migration agents as of August 2013. I’ve also included the average migration agent fee charged between 2009 – 2010 to provide a comparison.

As to be expected, in the main the rates charged by Australian Migration agents has increased with the ‘Business Skills Entry’ remaining the most expensive visa option starting at $4,345 and maxing out to a mind boggling $11,000.

Australian migration agent costs 2013

As we mentioned in the article we wrote back in 2011, migration agent fees vary for a number of reasons. These include the experience of the agent, the complexity of the case or the current marketplace fee levels.

Either way, when obtaining any quotes from a registered migration agent, remember to check whether there are additional charges that are not included in the quoted fees, for example; photocopying, phone calls and couriers etc.

We’d also recommend that you revisit this post which explains how to find a registered migration agent. This way you can ensure the agent you are dealing with is suitably qualified.

All the best!

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