Australian Occupation and Skills in Demand List to be overhauled

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The Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) is going to be overhauled whilst the Critical Skills List (CSL) will be phased out completely.The Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) is going to be overhauled whilst the Critical Skills List (CSL) will be phased out completely.

The Australian Department of Immigration is near to concluding its review of the MODL. As part of their review, the department will examine and report on the role and purpose of the MODL in targeting skill needs in relation to the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program, to complement the supply of tertiary qualified Australians.

It’s hoped that the review will enable DIMIA to use the MODL as a more strategic tool ensuring that skilled migration is better aimed at responding to future skill needs which cannot be addressed through domestic training and skills development.

The arrangements for the transition to the new MODL will be determined once the outcomes of the review are finalised.

It should be noted that the changes to the MODL will not affect the ability of Australian industry to meet its skill needs through the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS).

The Critical Skills List will also remain in place while the review is in progress.

Occupations which are listed on the CSL receive priority processing will continue until the review is finalised; however it will then be phased out following the implementation of any recommendations flowing from the review.

So far the Australian Immigration authority has issued two papers which complement these reviews; both of these papers are available via the links below:

MODL issues paper 1

MODL issues paper 2

The more recent of the two ‘issues paper’ shows that the Australian Government is considering three potential options with the Futures Skills List:

1) No Future Skills List in the GSM process
2) Future Skills List as component of GSM Points Test or
3) The Future Skills List replaces the CSL as a prioritisation mechanism.

The review also gives a limited indication of how the changes will be introduced.

“All three options for integrating a new Future Skills List with the GSM assessment process require complementary changes to the Points Test,” the second issues paper states.

“A sensible transition period would need to be established to ensure a smooth administrative implementation and to provide potential applicants with adequate notice of changes to the eligibility requirements. “ <- That’s a refreshing change!

“It would also be sensible to look to align any changes to MODL with Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s plan to transition from using Australian Standard Classification of Occupations to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification on Occupations as a basis for the Skilled Occupations List in the first half of 2010.”

Many Aussie Migration agents state that it could be assumed that all the changes to the Australian General Skilled Migration program previously anticipated will still be made, and that the Government is hoping to launch all the changes as part of one, unified overhaul to the Australian migration program in early 2010.

Either way, if your thinking about lodging your Australian visa application, I’d probably lodge it sooner rather than later.

What are your thoughts? Have something to say?

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The whole immigration process is CRAP!! WHY 1. Priority processing applies to ENS – but with the SALARY cap that does not make sense- if an emplloyer hires an IT Manager the minimum wage theyhave to pay them is 45,220, But for IT professionals like business analysts or programmers or IT prof’s NEC(not classified elsewhere) they have to pay a minimum wage of 61,920 – Bloody joke is’nt this!!! Immigration knows that most immigrants DO NOT APPLY FOR IT MANAGER jobs but goes for the other’s- well if they do not want migrants they should put a sign saying “NO… Read more »


Hi all There’s a GOOD news for u Finally some news of hope for all those affected by the September 23 changes to priority processing of Australian visas. Members of the forum Poms in Oz met with David Wilden, the Minister-Counsellor for Immigration of the Australian High Commission in London to outline their fears and voice opinions of all those affected by the changes. The September 23 changes meant that those applying for state sponsored visas, including those already in the process, were told that they no longer qualified for priority processing and may have to wait a further three… Read more »


WOOOOOONNNNNDDDEEERRRFFFUUULLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! 13 November 2009 Submission on General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program Background As the peak professional organisation representing Registered Migration Agents in Australia, the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) is in a unique position to see the ramifications of these General Skilled Migration (GSM) processing procedures for: – applicants and registered migration agents; – for perceptions of Australia and the Australian Government; and – Australian society. The GSM program is the largest single Australian migration program but it is no longer meeting skilled labour demands efficiently. Approximately half of all primary applicants are international students with little or no skilled… Read more »


Hi there to all the applicants,

I think is it very reasonable to consider about the
applications that lodged before 23rd of Septmber
2009 because the applicants did noy know such rule.
If the applicants knew such rule they would never
have lodged the application paying such amount
to the Australian government.
So please be fair with the applicants who lodegd
before 23rd September 2009



Ronnie Kenzie

Have applied under visa category 175, skilled migrant since June 2008. At the beginning of January, was on the CSL. Then, in March, my job was removed and figured under the MODL. Feel really stressed, now they are saying not before 2012, that is minimum 4 years it would have taken. If i knew that would be the case, would never have applied and which is more, no refund can be made. They just put a knife under your throat. Any chance that those who lodged their application last year be processed according to previous law with time they approximately… Read more »


It is true. My case is same as that of you. Actually, this is not our fault. Fault is in the immigration. And they are putting knife for the things on the troat of people for their own fault. They are unable to process the applications faster and they are blaiming people for that. Those who should suffer, that is those who dont have sufficient skills and english language requirements are now settled in Australia while those who are applying now according to strict Australian Laws, are suffering. Very bad Australian Immigration. Very Bad!!!!


Yes ModL is being over-hauled. But I assume that days of CSL are not numbered yes it could be changed. Accountants with even over band 7 can tucked away but all this would have happen before atleast Dec 31 2009 or Feb 28 2010. I substantiate this claim by a single line mentioned for Accountants that those who do not manage to get 7 in all competencies of ILETS a strange phenomena , considering they have altelast study 2 years here in English in Australia can opt for Skill migration Internship programme . Now this progrannge was started for first… Read more »

Mr.Rakesh Vengalil

Dear Lordfair,
I have obtained State Sponsorship from Government of Western Australia under Visa sub class 176 for the trade occupation Agricultural Adviser.Can u please tell me under which que status I belongs to??????…Please reply


Dear Sir,

I have lodged my application on the 27th of August 07 (subclass BQ 138) I have a twin in perth who has sponsered me but has of now I have not recieved any information on my immigration papers. Kindly let me know as to when I would get some information. When will papers to be handed over to a case officer.

Looking forward to your propmt reply.



Dear Sir, My wife has Lodgement my case on Date: 29 June 2009, Under the Application Type: Class VE, Subclass 176 Skilled – Sponsored. Question : When will the case offices will verifiy the Job. Is he/She is comming to the current working place where She is working Now or also going to the old company’s where She has worked. Just confirm me (APROX. TIME MONTH) in which month they will verifiy the job, So that She will inform or remind the old companies HR-Person. So that they will remember that in the past year’s She also worked in there… Read more »


i have aplly for the same category of visa, and same job, apparel cutter since may 2008 and im still waiting to get a C/O im sure u will have to wait a lot of time before other information is requested by diac..
good luck

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