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Australian Occupations List

You’ll Need A Profession On An Australian Occupations List To Qualify

One of the most, if not THE most important criteria you need to possess to qualify for an Australian visa is having a job considered ‘in demand’. These occupations are flagged within a number of Australian Occupations Lists published every 6 – 12 months by the Australian government.

Australian Occupations Lists

There are two main occupations lists currently published by the Australian Government. The MTSSL or the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List and the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List which is referred to as the STSOL.

As the names suggest, each of the lists contains occupations qualifying for visas which are valid for a range of different durations starting from 2 years to the more sought after Permanent Australian Visa.

When reviewing the different Australian occupations lists, keep in mind that the MLTSSL lists occupations that qualify for a permanent Australian Visa whilst the STSOL lists occupations that qualify for a short-term visa for between 2 – 4 years.

MLTSSL -Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List

Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MTSSL)

If you would like to see if you have an occupation which might qualify for a permanent Australian Visa then check the MTSSL list by clicking here.

STSOL - Short-term Skilled Occupation List

Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)

If you would like to see if you have an occupation which would qualify for a short-term visa, check out the STSOL list by clicking here.

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    2. Hello, I completed my MBBS degree from Bangladesh and I am looking forward to apply for my Masters in Australia. I wanted to do Masters of Public Health and also apply for permanent residency immediately afterwards. As Public Health is not listed in either of them, I am very confused as to what i should do now. I am desperate for suggestions and advise as all I wanted to do was be in the Public Health field. This confusion is delaying my process for university application. Could you please help me?

    3. Hello Mark,

      I have seen few amazing posts on this website however looks like I have a different doubt altogether. My occupation is falling under both Medium and Long‑term Strategic Skills List and Short‑term Skilled Occupation List. I am planning to apply for PR. Which one you think would be the best to apply under ?
      Is there any future benefits/restrictions if I go through Short Term Occupation List ?

    4. Hello Mark,

      My Husband is a first class welder, experienced in the mines as a service technician in WA for over two years. we had to come home due to a family bereavement. We have missed Australia since and really want to move back. Ive learnt WA have taken the skilled visa off and got advice on the only way to get back is for someone to sponsor my husband. Could you please inform me how i can do this ?

      Many Thanks

    5. Dear Mark, so if you apply for the STSOL then you can’t apply for a permanent ? What are the other options to stay permanently in Australia after 2-4 years of STSOL? Kind Regards

    6. Hi Mark,

      My girlfriend and I want to move to Australia, I am a Web Developer and she is am Pharmacist(MPharm). We are from Serbia and we are 27 and 28 years old. I am on MLTSS list, and she is not. I just finished my education and she works on Clinical research. Can you please tell me do we have slighty chance to get visa, both of us? I really need your advice, we would be enormously thankful for your help.

    7. Hi Mark, I am a bachelor of chemistry. Now, i am working as a quality control at Abbott group with experience is less than 1 year. I really want to move to Australia. Can you suggest to my solution?

    8. Hi Mark,

      I have 10 years working in a bank industry (6-7 years in corporate banking and 3 years in financial crime compliance) and even got a professional degree/certification in anti-money laundering. Tried looking up the MTLSSL but can’t seem to find the right category. Do you think I have a chance to apply for 189?

    9. Hi Mark,
      I am working in software company as a Test manager and have 14 years of experience and currently in UK for 4 years. I found out that software testing under STOSL, is Tesr manager occupation also under STOSL?
      Many of my colleagues have engineering degree but there occupation is software testing but because they have engineering degree, does that mean they can apply for MTSOL though there occupation is software testing

    10. Dear Mark,
      I am a teacher from India with 3 year bachelor degree in chemistry (B.Sc Chemistry)) and 1 year bachelor degree in education (B.Ed). Both are regular courses.I have about 15 years of continuous service as a teacher. But I am 42 now. Please advice me whether I am eligible for Primary School teacher (ANZSCO 241213) or Secondary School Teacher (ANZSCO 241417). Which one should I apply ?

    11. Hi Mark,
      Husband has been offered a position as a social worker for the Department of Victoria, they will sponsor with relocation assistance on a 457 Visa. He is in the process of sending off his skills assessment which we have been told can take up to 6 months, so in effect by the time we lodge the Visa it would be abolished (March 2018), meaning we would apply for TSS- Long Term Skills list.
      He will soon turn 42 and under the new visa rules won’t be eligible for PR until after 3 years. He will then be 45 but adding up the points he will only reach 60 points. My understanding is that social workers are required to achieve 65.
      We would only consider the relocation if we would get PR as we have three young children and now it seems we won’t be able to.
      Do you see any possibility for PR???

    12. Hi Mark,

      I am a 35 year old Indian citizen with Bachelors in Computer Engineering from India and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the United States. I am a Management Consulting professional with 6+ yrs of exp in consulting and another 4 yrs in tech before pursuing masters.

      Would appreciate perspectives on PR options and suitable route – Biz vs. General skilled route, sub class, and leveraging education in the US. Phew! Too many things to trouble you.

      Any advice is welcome. I have barely kicked off the thought of moving to Australia.


    13. Hi Mark,

      My occupation is listed in STSOL, so which visa I can apply with that?
      Can i be eligible for PR?

      I am referring to ANZSCO 133611 in STSOL.


    14. Hi Mark,
      Do I have chance for a PR? I’m on 457 and nominated as ICT Support Technician nec – 313199 which is in STSOL list now. I entered to Australia at the end of June 2016. As my nomination is now in STSOL list does it mean that I cant apply for PR after my 2 year time is up in July 2018?

    15. Hi,

      My name is Sheeraz. I did Bachelors in Technology in Biotechnology (4years prog). I am 26 years of age. I was planning to apply for 189 or 190 visa through Biomedical engineering. Do you think I am eligible? Also do you have CDR samples for Biomedical Engineering? It will be of great help. Thanking you.
      Warm regards

    16. Hi Mark

      Please reply me,if you have time. I already graduated in master of Chemistry. As I understood, chemist has been moved from STSOL to the MTLSSL list. So, am I eligible for subclass 189 and any other permanent residency Visa?

    17. Dear Mark,
      I am currently a student doing bachelor of biomedical science and was wondering if there is anything that i can do with this degree that is under the mltssl list that i can nominate and apply for. Please help.

    18. Please Mark if you can answer me, im a registered nurse from philippines working in hospital in saudi arabia but my problem is my age , im 53 years old now,im not sure if there are option open to me.

      • Hi, unfortunately not as the primary applicant. You now need to be under 50 years of age on the date you apply for an Australian visa.

    19. Hi there,

      I am currently an Emergency Medical Techician (Ambulance Officer) in the UK but will be qualifying as a Paramedic in October of this year.

      I and my wife really want to move to Australia and wondered if we could apply for a visa on my current role or if I should wait until I have qualified as a Paramedic?

      Any advice is greatly welcome!



    20. Hi Mark,
      Is there any update on SOL 2017 2018 ? How long it will take to release SOL 2017 2018 ?Is there any possibility of removal of Electronic Engineering ?


    21. Hi Mark. Wondering if you can help me figure out if I’m applicable for a 189 visa. I am Canadian and have a BA in Psychology and a BSc in Environmental Practices from Canadian unis. I worked as a childrens developmental psychologist in Canada for 3 years and the last 4 years have been studying VET courses in Australia while working the last years as an Environmental Sustainability Officer for an RSL club in QLD. I have also worked as a Sound Technician both in Canada and Australia for the last 8 years. In both locations freelancing on an ABN. No idea if any of this ticks the appropriate boxes……

      • Gosh, that’s a lot of experience there Lacey. :) To qualify for a 189 visa you need to have an occupation on the MLTSSL. Looking at this list there are a few psychology and also environmental roles listed. As a first pass. I would look at the list of roles posted here and google the ANZSCO code followed by for any occupations where you think you might be a potential match. eg searching 272312 will give you the search result for this page.

        abs info is helpful as it represents the official, Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification for Occupations.

        This information then forms the basis for the skills against which, occupation are then assessed. As such, if you happen across an abs occupation that describes your experience well, you’ve found a good occupations match on the list.

        A slightly easier approach would be to have an initial assessment discussion with a migration agent. Any good agent should offer you an initial quick assessment for free and they will be able to confirm your chances quite quickly. See this article for details on how to find a registered migration agent.

        Hope this helps


    22. Hi Mark,
      I am a structural engineer about to submit my EOI, but I am concerned about a July 1st change as my occupation is flagged in the 2016-17 SOL. However, with the divergence into a STSOL and MLTSSL not so long ago, can I assume these lists will not be reviewed again within the next few months?

      • Hi Joe, we understand that both lists will be further reviewed on the 1st July and additional changes will likely be made. How significant these changes will be is still to be seen, however.

    23. Hi Mark,from what I can see the 186 and 187 will be under 45 from 1st July and from March 2018 will need 3 years experience in your chosen profession,also I’d be screwed on the 190 points wise,0 points for my age group.I’m not sure if there are any PR options open to me.

    24. Hi Mark,I would be on the MTSSL list as an Irish Registered Nurse,BSc General Nursing,but here’s my dilemma,I’m 44 years old with less than 2 years experience (qualified late 2015 as a mature student).With all the changes lately I find It’s more confusing than ever.What if any PR visas would be open to me,if I knew which one at least that would be a start.Would appreciate any help,TIA.

    25. Hello, Mark. What if I apply for the STSOL, would that help me to migrate at the end of the term, since I will have australian work experience still while I’m in Australia? Or I would have to get back to my home country and apply from here? I’d appreciate if you could answer me. Kind regards

    26. Hell my husband apply for vehicle painter.but now they told us that vehicle painter is remove from occupational list of australian migration.what we will do?

      • Hi Christine, the list is due for an update on 1st July so it may return. If not, then I’m afraid your choices under the skilled migration scheme are very limited, unfortunately.

    27. Please Mark if you can answer me that I would be so grateful! My husband is british and he has a guy in Sydney that really want he working with him, but his job isnt in any of the new lists! could we still have a chance to go with another visa? thanks so much!
      ps: he is very qualificate!

      • Hi Mariana, if your husband’s occupation (or yours) is not listed on one of these occupations lists I’m afraid your options are very limited, unfortunately.

        Keep in mind though that the STSOL will be reviewed every 6 months and the MLTSSL annually so your husbands occupation may return with time.

        • Dear Mark, thanks to reply!

          Sorry to occupy you with that! But you know if we get someone to get us the visa 187, in the regional, is it possible we go?

          thanks! (sorry my english as well, my husband is british but Im brazilian! thanks!!

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