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Australian skilled migrants are highly paid professionals

Australian Skilled Migrants Are Highly Paid Professionals - Australia 457 Visa Mining Industry SalariesAlmost 90 per cent of temporary skilled migrants who were granted Subclass 457 visas in 2009-10 to date are managers and professional workers, new figures show.

The average total salary package for all new Australian temporary skilled migrant workers is almost $100,000 – an increase of $10,000 on the same time last year.

The highest paid workers on a Subclass 457 Australia visa were in the mining industry, with an average total remuneration of $169,000, followed by the financial and insurance services sector at $127,600.

Temporary skilled overseas workers in Western Australia were the highest paid with an average total remuneration of $114 800, followed by New South Wales ($101,100), Queensland ($97,900), Victoria ($94,200), Tasmania ($94,100), Northern Territory ($85,500), ACT ($83,600) and South Australia ($81,700).

The summary report also showed a quarter of all primary visa applications granted have been to citizens of the United Kingdom with 15 per cent to citizens of India and eight per cent to US citizens.

Migration Places To Be Cut If Coalition Gets Into Power

Registered nurses, doctors and computing professionals are the top occupations for primary Australian visa grants.

The Australian Immigration Minister Chris Evans said in a statement that these latest figures show that the Subclass 457 visa program is responding to the changes made by the Rudd Government to protect local jobs.

Thanks to the Visa Bureau for this article.

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