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Australian Visa – Students’ Visa

Many people would welcome the opportunity to spend some time in Australia studying and they can, as long as certain conditions are met.

Firstly they must be proficient in English language, must attend a course or part of a course full time, and that course must be offered by an education or training provider registered with the Australian Government as accepting overseas students. The Department of Education, Science and Training provides full details but such courses include both vocational and academic.

There are seven different types of student visa which may have differing conditions attached and these are:

Independent ELICOS – for those undertaking an English Language Intensive Course either not leading to an Australian award or to a variety of certificates.

Schools – for those in primary or secondary education.

Vocational Educational and Training – which covers a number of vocational certificates and diplomas.

Higher Education – covering degrees and graduate qualifications.

Postgraduate Research – for those undertaking Masters research or a Doctorate.

New Skilled Occupation List April 2010

Non-Award – which are foundation studies or other components of courses not leading to an Australian award.

AusAID and Defence – these are full-time courses undertaken by an AusAID or Defence student sponsored by the Australian Government

Each applicant for a student visa is assessed depending on country from which a passport is held and the type of visa required. The assessment level is designed to indicate how likely a student is to comply with the conditions of their visa, based on their previous behaviour. The assessment levels range from 1 to 5 and the higher the level, the more evidence will be required to support the visa application in terms of the student’s ability to support themselves and their fluency in the English language.

There are a number of conditions associated with being granted a Student Visa, the most notable of which being that the student must maintain adequate health insurance for the duration of their stay, they may not work unless the apply for a separate visa to do so and they must remain in full-time education. The conditions are far more detailed than this but this gives an idea of what is required of someone wanting to apply for a Student Visa.

Current Australian Immigration processing lead time as of February 2007

The Australian Government Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs website will guide students through the steps required to apply for an Australian Visa.

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