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australian visa timeline - Our forum for those folks looking at sharing their Australian Visa Timelines The Australian Visa Timeline Forum here at Getting down under is one of the most useful and popular features amongst our online community of folks looking to emigrate to Australia.

The concept is a straight forward one. At the beginning of each month we post a new Australian Visa timeline thread within our timeline forum asking those members who have started the process of migrating to Australia within that month to make themselves known within that particular thread.

This way, as more members join the thread for the month they started the application process, the more members they can communicate with who are working towards the same timeline.

We decided to utilise our forums for this feature as the forum software also enables users to subscribe to the forum or particular threads.

This way, say for example you applied for your Australian Visa in August 2008 and wanted to share your experiences with other members working on a similar timeline, all you’d need to do is post to the thread to say hi and then subscribe to the August 2008 Thread. Then when someone else updates this thread you’ll receive an email straight aware or daily or even weekly depending on your preferences to tell you that someone has made contact or updated their own timeline

The process of migrating to Australia can often seem a long and very lonely one. Our Australian Visa Timeline Forum provides you with a place to share your excitement and (at times) frustrations with those folks in the same boat. It’s something I wish I had access to when we were making the move down under. I hope those of you en-route to Australia find our Australian Timeline forum a useful resource.

Click Here to goto our Australian Visa Timeline Forum.

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