Wild Budgies and Zebra Finches – Australias local pet shop

made the move to australia

budgies and zebra finches western australia 6Since arriving down under I’ve already written about the wonders of the bird life here in Western Australia.

Coming from Northern England, the most exotic birds we saw were the pigeons we’d often see waddling around. The poor things normally had a toe missing or stumpy foot due to a close call with a piece of rubbish thrown away by one of the local yobs to!

I was pretty surprised to see this little collection of Birds sat in a couple of trees near one of the petrol stations we pulled into during our road trip.

If you were a pet store owner with a large net I’m sure you could have a field day. There were literally hundreds of Budgerigars and Zebra Finches.   Birds I’d only ever seen before in a Pet store back home.

The Budgies here in their natural-habitats of Australia are noticeably smaller than those in captivity. Whether that’s down to diet, breeding or what I’m not to sure but they all seemed pretty happy chilling out in the shade of this tree.

Budgerigars are apparently nomadic birds found in open habitats, primarily in Australian scrub land, open woodland and grassland. The birds are normally found in small flocks, but can form very large flocks under favourable conditions.

The species is extremely nomadic and the movement of the flocks is tied to the availability of food and water. Drought can drive flocks into more wooded habitat or coastal areas, I’ve still to see any in Quinns Rocks though!

The other birds you’ll see in this photo chilling out with the Budgies are Zebra finches.

These cute little birds with their easily recognised ‘beep beep’ type song are also a popular bird of choice for aviaries around the world (including the UK).

Doing a little research, I’ve since found out that the Zebra Finch is the most common and familiar finch of Central Australia and ranges over most of the continent, avoiding only the cool moist south and the tropical far north. You learn something new every day hey! :D

Dolphins and Emu’s to follow tomorrow!

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