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Australia’s Mining Boom Great News For UK Workers

Australia’s mining boom is great news for UK migrantsMany businesses are starting to look to countries like the UK as a shortage of skilled workers across Australia makes sourcing the talent locally a lot more difficult. For those willing to make the move down under, the pickings can also be very ripe.

Salaries across Western Australia are increasingly rapidly;  a recent survey by Australia’s Commonwealth Bank showed that the blue-collar workforce in some parts of Western Australia were earning in the region of 62 percent more than the national average.

Even roles which ordinarily not associated with ‘blue-collar’ workers such as truck drivers are now getting paid salaries of A$150,000 to A$180,000 (£96,000 to £116,000) with a little training. The more skilled professionals whose experience commands a premium – mining engineers, resource geologists – are in even tighter supply.

Such are the opportunities and wages on offer that it is estimated more than 100,000 Australians have moved to the mining towns. Many work as so-called FIFOs, who “Fly In and Fly Out” for their jobs, and the numbers moving has meant that thousands of vacancies have appeared in the hospitality and catering sector in Perth.

Have aspirations to work in the mining industry?  Share your comments below.

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    1. I am Scott, 48 years old married with 2 young children. Looking for an opportunity to work in Australia. I have HGV class2 with seventeen years experience of tippers, roll on off skips, sewage tankers, flat beds and plant moves. My wife is qualified in health and social care. I have full licence, digi tachograph card and CPC card valid till 2020 ( next medical due then). I would appreciate any help or contacts.

    2. Hi I’m 44 from uk looking for trucking work in Australia. I’ve had class 1 in uk for 18 years. Happy to retrain and looking to live in oz permanently. -email removed for privacy. Replying to domonic here will send a notification to his email- if any 1 can help .. Many thanks

    3. Hi live in UK looking at trying to work with in the mining industry. Got a class 1.spent last 6 years on heavy haulage. Wanting to know if you can get sponsored from any where thanks dean

      • Hi Dean, the mining boom has ended I’m afraid and the likelihood of getting sponsorship is a lot less then it was a year or so ago. I recommend that you check out a site like to see if there are any current opportunities in the mining space.

        Thanks and good luck

    4. My husband is 34 years old with around 7yrs experience as a HGV class 2 driver.. He also has a HIAB and forklift licence and is very interested in the mining industry.

    5. hi my name is steve im 25 from London and currently have a class 2 HGV licence working as a skip driver and haulage driver I only have a years experience but want to know if I can qualify for a job down under in the mining industry ?



    6. Hi I’m a hgv driver with over 10 yrs driving experience uk/Europe an low loader/low bed also , I’m also qualified scania mechanic with papers to prove ! Plus have my European haulage licence ! I’m 34yrs old an am thinking of moving to oz with hopeful wishes to get into the mining industry !! What is the chances of getting a job an sponsorship ? Thanks John !

    7. Hello my name is James Lipyeat, 25 years old from Ipswich, United Kingdom, I’m currently a HGV class 2 Rigid driver with 3 years experience plus a Dangerous Goods licence, I’m also interested in the FIFO HGV jobs in western Australia. Any advice or links to check out would be much appreciated!

    8. Hi I’m Jamie 27 from Essex and I’m interested in getting into the mining industry. I have 4 years hgv class 2 exp with digi taco cpc and hiab. I am very interested and can pay for flights tickets to get me there . Please more info needed.contacts,numbers,emails etc ….

    9. Hello I’m currently a lift engineer in London with class 2 hgv & Pcv license looking for a hgv mining work

    10. hello, I am 20 years old and a Uk qualified electrician staying in Victoria on a working holiday visa, id love to get the chance to work in the mines and get sponsored to stay in australia. its a great country.

    11. I’m an ex first line transport manager with over 20 years hgv experience.
      I am living in the uk but want to move over to australia, any tips on how I can go about it???
      I would prefer to be sponsored if possible.

    12. Hi,

      I’m originally from Aberdeen Scotland, been in oz now for 2 years with permanent visa. Currently working as a child protection social worker in Act. I have the following skill sets, full hgv class with with 8 years experience working throughout UK & Europe hauling wet and dry goods with experience in all forms of trailers. I also have the following certs with experience in working in the North sea sector, mpi level 2′ rope access level 1, full offshore survival cert, high pressure operations cert, 10 ton forklift cert., dogging cert and basic rigging cert. I’m also a fully qualified baker confectioner.
      Looking to either get back into the oil industry or driving.

    13. Hi,

      I’m a 49 yr old male with a class 1 hgv licence and 13 yrs experience in haulage, Can someone put me right with starting to look at getting into Austraila and working in the haulage indusrty, Where to look and what i need ?

      • Hi I’ve got a class2 hgv licence. I’ve been driving 20 years ex uk forces l need a company to sponsor me

    14. I am an Italian with a truck licence, I am over 30 and wish to work in Australia in the mining industry. What are the possiblities and what sort of work visa do I need. Is it possible for a mining company to sponsor me?

        • Just worth highlighting this comment was made nearly 3 years ago now Greg. Thanks for reaching out to the original commenter anyway :)



        • Thank you for contacting me Greg, it was for a young friend. My husband is also a truck driver but not that age. Unfortunatley for us, hope you do find someone.

          My daughter lives there as well now, would have been a great opportunity.

    15. Anybody know of any good firms to contact ref to engineers jobs in oz? i am a skilled engineer currently in the uk

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