Australia’s National Flag to be banned on the eve of Australia day

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Australias National Flag

Since moving to Australia I’ve struggled to keep up with the local news.

This hasn’t been down to a lack of interest in what’s been going on but more down to the fact that I’m still getting my head around what’s on TV and when. The end result of this is that I’m continually missing the latest headlines when they’re being shown on the box.

In addition, being the latest advocate of Perth’s public transport system means that I’m not able to get my early morning news fix listening to the radio as I travel in the car to work. The benefit of all this however is that I’m spending most days, blissfully unaware of the carnage and destruction going on in the outside world.

It’s lunchtime at time of typing and I thought I’d do a quick search on Google News to see what’s going on this wonderful country of ours.

Big news over here is the banning of Australia’s national flag at an Australia Day Big Day Out concert in Sydney.

Apparently, event organiser Ken West was quoted as saying fans’ behaviour last year in the wake of the Cronulla riots and the recent ethnic violence at the Australian Open tennis tournament had forced his hand.

“The Australian flag was being used as gang colours. It was racism disguised as patriotism and I’m not going to tolerate it,” the wise old Mr West said.

Gang Colours? Racism disguised as patriotism? Perhaps I shouldn’t have been drinking my third flat white of the day whilst reading that last statement as the resulting chuckle of disbelief caused me to regurgitate steaming hot coffee down my left nostril!

Perhaps Mr West should have spent a couple of days back in the UK during a small event know as the ‘World Cup’.

Your car looked out of place unless you had a couple of dozen St.Georges flags scattered across your motor at strategic intervals.

Did the wake of the racial hate incited by the display of such flags cause such an uprising? Nope!

Australians are a very proud nation (and rightly so) and to ban the display of their national flag on the eve of Australia day would cause more harm then good in my opinion.

Mr West, I think its time you took a break

As for me, I think its time to get back to doing more interesting things at lunchtime like grabbing a sandwich and enjoying the mid day sunshine.

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