Baby on the way?

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Well, I asked the question what do you do with a four year old when your wife goes in to labour?

The answer is, you stay at home and wait for news :) Seriously, it’s not all kicking off yet but something is happening.

We think the missus’s waters may have broken during the night, not a big gush like it was with Junior number 1, more of a gentle trickle.

No drama’s though. The missus had time to get a shower and eat some cereal before going to the docs to get checked out.

At time of typing, the midwife has told her that her waters are ‘breaking’ whilst the specialist ‘isn’t sure’

So, the missus now has to be hooked up to a special machine now to help the docs see what’s going on..

I think it’s fair to say that the missus has been great during this whole pregnancy but the last week has been pretty hard for her. To say the baby has been getting pretty large recently is an understatement and she really is at the ‘just get it out of me’ stage.

Me? I’ve got a stack of work and I’ve not done a handover of any description. The blackberry has been buzzing away but whats a bloke to do.

Back to looking after Junior and catching up on the emails until I hear more news.

If the news is her waters are broken, junior number two may be here in the next 24 hours….. How exciting / terrifying / nerve racking!

Fingers crossed!

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    All the very best to you and your family – it must be strange going through this so far away from “home”, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for details of baby Bruce or Sheila. Good luck, and especially to Junior, the big brother-to-be!