Baby really on the way – ish!

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A babies dummyOK, 6 days ago we thought that it was time for baby to make an appearance but nothing ever happened.

This time I can say with all certainty that this time tomorrow junior number two will be here. :)

Unfortunately during the check up that the missus had today, they found that she had early signs of Pre-eclampsia.

As a result she has been booked in to Joondalup Hospital for the night with the expectation being that she will have a cesarean section at approx 2:30pm today, Australian time.

When junior was born, even though it took nearly 18 hours he still ended up being born via an emergency C section.

This time around the missus was really hoping to go the natural birth route but it really looks like it’s not going to happen (unless something happens in the next few hours).
There are benefits to going the Cesarean route though:

  1. We know when Junior number 2 will arrive (ish)!
  2. Junior number 2 will have a nice shaped head due to the fact that he/she won’t risk being dragged out by forceps or suction.
  3. We will be able to arrange child care with one of the pre-arranged kindy moms .
  4. We can get the mother-in-law booked in early from Sydney (read that as a benefit / disadvantage ;-) )

Either way, I really hope I’ll be able to announce the good news later today.

Still no idea if it’s going to be a Sheila or a Shane so please watch this space 8)

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