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BBC’s wanted down under drawing in the crowds

BBC Wanted down under program brings in the crouds BBC’s wanted down under seems to be drawing in the crowds to getting down under as of late.

I actually remembered that last year when the first series was on the TV our visitor volumes spiked as people jumped onto the web to find a little more information about the show.

This last week its been a little crazy, within two days of the first show airing on TV we’ve been seeing over 2000 unique visitors to the site every day with ‘wanted down under’ and ‘wanted down under BBC’ being the main search terms used to find our site

With this kind of interest I’m still slightly bemused by the fact that the BBC chooses to air the show at such a daft time.   9am in the morning when most people are at work isn’t the best time to show a program like this and I really hope the folks at the BEEB are receiving similar kinda feedback.

If your found us looking for info on the show then make sure you say hi :)

Written by Mark

As the founder of Getting Down Under, Mark is passionate about demystifying the process associated with a move to Australia.
Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assitance, Getting Down Under.

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  1. I look at just about every Wanted Downunder show as I’m the one who wanted but at 70 am way passed the 45yrs old limit. Oz isn’t the land of milk and honey with land and houses for nothing but if its pricess that bother you, head for Darwin or Adelaide regions. Sydney is premium rates and many “traditional” (i.e. ‘potential) properties. Queensland is the really laid back state but distances are great (Brisbane to Cairns is like flying Manchester to Cairo) and my ex g/f lived in Bundaberg which was almost 400km from the airport.

    My absolute favourites was and is Western Australia and especially in and S of Perth where I have most friends. It is a beach life state, laid back and boring for Pom teenagers.

    Those who return from Oz complaining that they found no friends just remained stiff upper lip English and waited to be introduced. You can talk to anyone you bump into in Oz. They’ll tell you if they’ve no time or aren’t keen on you.

    Most upsetting in watching the programmes is when relatives do the sob and heartthrob number. Firstly there are planes to Oz (Emeriates with 4 stops for those who fear DVT) and secondly, I do the Oz Stock Exchange and ring regularly for 2p per minute (+5 p connection) using from and to a landline. (for NZ it is and costs 1 ppmin + connection 4p).

    I ring both regularly and my monthly bill never exceeded £15 and is sometimes only £7.

    The cheap phone comes cheaper than BT local calling so no worries there maties.
    Otherwise, there is Yahoo Messenger with Video Cam which costs little for the equipment and is thus free. Also phone/messaging is free. Avoid using mobile phones though. Those with friends in the USA needn’t worry as its 1ppm to both landlines and mobiles.

    Hope this has helped some who are wavering. Oz wants people who work but the wages might be lower as is the cost of living. Savings earn more though. The beach and/or laid back life is super and I’ll be off on my 5th visit this millennium next spring (our autumn up north)

    Check out my website and follow the link to travelreports for more info or use the email feedback there to ask a question. Subject MUST begin with [THC] to avoid auto-trashing with junk mail.


  2. the programmes are all about young people and a new life in oz.what about the elderly parents who want to live in oz that want to see there grandchildren grow up and be part of there lives.even if you can support your self they do not want to know you.

  3. Wanted down under…at the moment we are seeing well out of date prices etc are out of date…not to mention at the time these repeats were made the exchange rate was approx $2.50 plus to the £ now its LESS the $2 to the £..this makes it totally pointless watching these old repeats they have no relevance whatsoever to todays market..come on bbc give us value for money..I`m sick to death of all these repeats..

  4. Hi we were one of the families that appeared in WDU and WDU revisited, it gave us a great insight to what life would be like in Oz, obviously there is no real way to find out until you actually live here in Oz but I have to say that we are loving it over here the kids have a great outdoor life, they have settled really well into school and made lots of friends and have we. I have now set up my own relocation company up, to help people settle when they arrive as I know only too well what hurdles you can come across when you get here.

    Sarah (the Jones family)

  5. Thanks for the great heads up Anthony, It’s a shame that I’m not able to watch the TV show here in Oz. Still, as I don’t pay a license fee any longer it kinda makes sense! :D

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