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BBCs Wanted down under program makes a return

Bbc Wanted Down UnderThe BBC’s extremely popular Wanted Down Under program makes a return on the 2nd January 2008 at 9:15am.

Nadia Sawalha presents the second in the series in which British families are given a look at life down under.

Wanted Down Under will be showing every day from the 2nd to the 11th of January on BBC1

I’m unsure why the beeb has decided to show such a popular program at a time when most folks are at work but it’s still good to see so much interest being shown in a new life down under.

The first in the series covers the Treanor family from Paisley who are facing the daunting decision of whether to emigrate to New Zealand.

While parents David and Yennifer yearn for an easier life and more time with the kids, teenager Caitlin must be persuaded to leave her real dad behind.

Sounds like some real dramas! ;) Because we won’t see this new series Oz I’d appreciate anyones comments on what the show was really like :)

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