Beginning a life in Australia booklets now available

Getting Down Under Australia

Beginning a life in Australia booklets now availableThe Australian Immigration Authority has recently published the latest edition of their booklet titled “Beginning a life in Australia”.

The booklets welcome newly-arrived migrants to Australia and provide useful national, state/territory and local settlement information.

This information is available to download in PDF format and is provided in English and 37 community languages for each state and territory.

The document is broken down into 14 sections and covers approx 60 Pages

The main sections are

1. What to do soon after arrival
2. Help with English
3. Emergency services
4. Where to go for help
5. Australian customs and law
6. Housing
7. Employment
8. Social security
9. Transport
10. Education and child care
11. The health system
12. Recreation and media
13. Department of Immigration and Citizenship
14. Local government and community services

I’ve had a good browse through the booklet and if the one published for Western Australia is anything to go by then the document is very good.

Although I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘one size fits all’, the booklets are certainly detailed enough to give you a good overview of the key things you’ll need to do when arriving in Australia.

More importantly, the booklets are a free resource and are therefore well worth downloading and printing out for use as a reference guide when you first arrive down under.

To download the document in your own language then click here  (link opens in a new window).

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