Best Idioms For Ielts Speaking Topic: Business And Work - Ielts Speaking Videos - September 2021

Best Idioms for IELTS Speaking Topic: Business and Work

This video is going to give you 30 idioms or idiomatic expressions that you can use to help improve your IELTS Speaking skills on the topics of work and business.

I will be explaining the idioms and what they mean, showing you how to pronounce them and helping you use them in your own IELTS Speaking answers.

These will be useful for the following kind of questions:

1. Describe a challenge you had to face.

2. Describe a small successful business.

3. Describe someone you admire.

4. Describe a time you had to work as a member of a team.

5. Describe a creative person you know.

Idioms covered in this context:

0:00:28 Summary of the list of all idioms.
0:04:13 go into business
0:05:05 set up a restaurant
0:05:34 know it back to front
0:06:35 know it inside out
0:07:20 a seasoned worker
0:08:03 be on the ball
0:09:04 take someone on
0:09:54 spread the word/get the word out
0:11:34 make a point of
0:12:35 go the extra mile
0:13:25 word of mouth
0:14:22 reach out to
0:15:10 explore all avenues
0:15:47 get the ball rolling
0:16:52 cost an arm and a leg
0:17:49 have a track record
0:18:30 put it out there
0:19:15 keep an eye on something
0:20:03 to have it cracked
0:20:38 to be in the bag
0:21:20 it turns out that..
0:22:17 to get to the heart of the matter
0:22:33 missed the mark
0:23:07 It was a dead loss.
0:24:18 Let’s call it a day.
0:25:15 Let somebody go.
0:25:48 your bread and butter
0:26:51 to go belly up.
0:28:03 be on the right track.
0:28:43 to take off.

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Here’s the story (context)

My mate Tom has just gone into business. He has decided to set up a restaurant because this is an industry he knows back to front. He is a seasoned chef and knows cooking inside out. On top of that, he is really on the ball when it comes to management too.

So, he rented a place, fitted it out and took on some staff, Then he decided to start a marketing campaign to spread the word about his place.

Of course, he takes pride on giving great customer service, and always makes a point of going the extra mile, because he knows how powerful word of mouth can be, but he wanted to reach out to new potential customers as well.

He was considering newspaper, blogs, magazines – in fact he explored all avenues and in the end, he chose to advertise on Facebook.

To get the ball rolling, he contracted a consultant who wouldn’t cost him an arm and a leg, because he is on a bit of shoestring budget, right? That guy didn’t have much of a track record, but he was very enthusiastic.

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Together they did some market research, created the advert, and put it out there. Then, all they had to do, was just kept an eye on the numbers each day.

At first they thought they had cracked it, it seemed to be in the bag, because so many people were viewing their advert. However, it turned out that no-one was actually going to the restaurant.

Finally Tom got to the heart of the matter. It turns out the consultant didn’t really understand the customers needs, and his advert had missed the mark.

It was a dead loss, and in the end Tom decided to call it a day, and he let the consultant go.

After all, this was his bread and butter, he couldn’t afford for his restaurant to go belly up. So, he invested in a professional marketing company.

Now his restaurant is on the right track and seems to be really taking off.

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Well done Tom!

Do you have your own IELTS Speaking Tips?

If you found the Best Idioms for IELTS Speaking Topic: Business and Work video useful and have your own tips to share, please use the comments below. Similarly, if you have any questions. Please share these below. As a community, we can help each other to learn together.

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  1. Last time I toke IELTS general test, I got 7.5 on my speaking, thanks to Kieth. But I want to do it again for a UKVI test.
    This is really helpful, I like it when you do it on specific topics, and when the video is shorter than half an hour.

  2. Practice for memorizing idioms I learned from you today! <To be honest with you, taking ielts tests cost an arm and a leg. I've been making a point of going the extra mile as for preparing the test. When I study, I really try to be on the ball, cause I wanna crack it! However, it turned out that my way of studying the ielts test was not on the right track. Even though I've explored all avenues, I couldn't see how I can get better scores. I've spent too much money on just taking tests without fixing my errors and improving my speaking skills, so now I'm really on a shoestring budget. I decided to call it a day, let all the unhelpful teachers go, and get the ball rolling in a totally different approach. Luckily at that point, I met you Keith on Youtube. You are genuinely the one who know how to teach English inside out. You are always getting to the heart of the matter on your channel. After I started studying with you, I've finally been on the right track. I got my confidence back. These days I'm spreading the word about your channel, you know, how powerful it is, the word of mouth! You are gonna have more subscribers. Who knows, you might set up a new business related to education! Your business will never go belly up. Hopefully, we both will be in the bag!> Thanks Keith!

  3. I really like the way you go through different subjects and your clarity to talk. I am a rather bubbly person and I tend to chat to everyone who unfortunately cross my way lol . Your dialogues seem pretty much to the ones I tend to have, only that mine have far much more mistakes. Hopefully you enlighten me!! Thanks for these videos!

  4. Thanks, millions sir! You're a really great teacher. I got some special and helpful tips from your channel. At the end of the day, I subscribed your channel. Thanks a lot!

  5. Sir, hello I hope you are keeping fine. I have subscribed to your YT channel from the day I saw it first. It is great fun to learn from you. I found it very helpful, however, I would like to add one thing that this lesson about idioms is not much helpful since, these idioms are not so common in my opinion. Therefore, kindly make a video comprising some common idioms for beginners. Thax

  6. Thank yo for your videos. What I would like to request to you is that if it is possible, please make a video for set of idioms which can be used in Speaking Part 1 where most of the questions revolve around self, home, work related. Thank you

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