Bloody hell! UK censors risque Aussie ads

made the move to australia

Perhaps the UK government is scared of loosing to many of its citizens to the Aussie lifestyle ;)

I remember seeing these ads on the news when we went on our Rekkie to Perth (what seems all of a lifetime ago now).

But alas, the country that gave the world such risque comic acts as Benny Hill, the Two Ronnies and Little Britain has banned Australia’s new “bloody hell” tourism ads from television because they are just a little too rude.

Australian Tourism Minister Fran Bailey said Britain had banned the television ads, which end with a bikini-clad woman on a beach asking “so where the bloody hell are you?”, although the ads would still screen in cinemas and appear in print.

“The regulators have clearly misplaced their sense of humour — and this from a country that brought us Benny Hill, (the) Two Ronnies and Little Britain,” Bailey said in a statement on Thursday.

Personally, I think the ads are pretty cool. You can view the ads by Clicking Here. Let us know what you think by posting a comment below.

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12 years ago

so what the bloody hell is the fuss all about?

that bloody harry potter and his bloody nerd friend weasly uses it in their bloody movie.

13 years ago

Bloody brilliant!

I’ve set them as my desktop…. if every I needed a boost to get those forms filled and be on why way….


14 years ago

since wen have aussies said ‘where the bloody hell are you?’

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