Broadband in Australia – Yes they have it!

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Broadband Internet in Australia, can you get it?Yay! Well, I’m writing this Blog entry from our new house.

We got Broadband installed this weekend so we finally have a decent Internet connection.

For the techs amongst you I’m currently getting download speeds of just under 10 megabits per second.

Even by UK standards thats incredibly fast (we had a 2 megabit connection back home) and may be due to the fact that the ISP I’m using here in Australia has a pretty extensive ADSL2 network.

ADS2 What?

Oh, its very technical… OK, it’s not really :) Here’s a half decent definition that I found on my ISP’s website:

First of all, ADSL and broadband are essentially the same thing. Most people will use the two terms interchangeably to refer to high speed Internet that is delivered over a phone line. Technically “broadband” can refer to many different types of Internet connections including cable, ISDN and other transmission methods. But here we are referring to ADSL broadband over your phone line.

ADSL2+ is a technology that extends the Internet signal that is down your phone line. Typically; ADSL1 download speeds finish at 8000kbps, ADSL2 finishes at 12,000kbps and ADSL2+ exceeds 20,000kbps. We’ve simply renamed our ADSL2+ plans, broadband2+ .
how fast?

Broadband speeds are difficult to nail down. As broadband travels from your telephone exchange to your home it goes through a number of impact points that affect the final speed you experience.

Our broadband2+ plans use ADSL2+ technology to deliver a smoother and more satisfying online experience with download speeds typically much faster than standard ADSL. More than half of our broadband2+ customers experience download speeds in excess of 10,000kbps with a small percentage clearing 20,000kbps, up to 24,000kbps.

The exact speed you get varies depending on factors such as:

* the length of your phone line to the exchange;
* Internet traffic congestion;
* the quality of your line;
* signal strength;
* the number of joins in your line;
* the speed of the websites you visit; and
* factors within your home such as unfiltered devices and lengthy phone cords.

In an ideal world I should be able to have a net connection twice as fast as my current one but I’m pretty happy with 1o m/sec for now :)

Speaking to locals and doing a little research unless you literally live in the bush you should be able to get a half decent Internet connection.

Just ask around or do a little research when you get here and you’ll be whizzing around the Internet in literally no time :)

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