Broome – The Pearl Capital of Australia

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At the Japanese Cemetery, final resting-place for more than 900 pearl divers, you can learn more about Broome’s fascinating history and the dangers of the early days of pearl diving.
Other attractions include Gantheaume Point, where vibrant red sandstone cliffs spill into the sea and 130 million year old dinosaur footprints are visible at low tide.

Chinatown, which was once a busy hub of pearl shell dealers, billiard saloons, entertainment houses and Chinese eateries, remains a colourful and fascinating quarter of Broome where the finest pearl showrooms, shops, restaurants and cafes can be found. There are plenty of opportunities to learn about the often dramatic history of pearling in Broome, including a visit to a working pearl farm.

If your goal is relaxation, Broome is an ideal holiday desination offering unique experiences like no other. But be careful … the colours, moods and enchanting tropical ambience of Broome may captivate you so much that you’ll never want to leave!

Miguel Scaccialupo writes regularly on Outback Tour topics, including Alice Springs Tour destinations and Broome Tour itineraries.

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