Brrrrrrrrr – Its cold – no really it is!

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So this is winter in Australia :)

First things first.. The Aussies love rain. I guess you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to understand why, what with all the dry weather Australia receives during the other 95% of the year.

I first realised this when doing the old pom thing, moaning about the weather and continuously getting the, ‘well, we need the rain’ reaction from my locally born chums.

I’ve also noticed when the weather folks do their thing on the TV, rain is described as ‘good news’. It really is a flip side of what the weather forecast used to be in the UK :)

This past few days we have had rain like I’ve never seen before. Its almost like the big ‘G’ in the sky decides to tip out a couple of baths of the stuff. Its absolutely torrential for 5 – 10 minutes and then as soon as the rain comes the sky clears and its sunny again.

We have ‘intermittent showers’ forecast for the majority of this week. Still, we need the rain right? :)

Oh, and although it’s winter its still hitting over 20 degrees celcius most days, at time of typing that makes it almost twice as hot as it is in the UK at present so I’m still a very happy chappy 8)

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