Bunnings Warehouse – aka the hundred dollar shop!

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Bunnings Warehouse Logo - Also Known As The Hundred Dollar ShopBunnings Warehouse may be a name which will not ring many bells with folks living outside of Australia but be rest assured anyone (OK, any Bloke) who likes a good poke around their local DIY store will soon come to love their local Bunnings!

Bunnings is a pretty big part of DIY life down under and is the southern hemisphere’s largest hardware chain store, with more than 249 (155 Warehouse, 65 smaller format stores at time of typing) all over Australia and New Zealand.

On average a new store is opened every three months and it’s probably mad people like me spending stupid amounts of cash on stuff I don’t really need that’s helping this aggressive rate of growth.

These guys have a slogan; “Lowest prices are just the beginning” and they aren’t half wrong.

When you multiply lots of ‘lowest priced’ items you start seeing some big big bills! :(

You see Bunnings is one of those stores that you can’t help spend to much money in.

Every time I go there, even with the best intentions in the world I tend to come out with tons of stuff I had no intention of buying in the first place! :-/

If you’re reading this from the UK, then think B&Q but better!

Today I went in to buy some coriander plants (we are growing our own herbs at the moment) and a few batteries.

I came out with one coriander plant, one packet of batteries, two Irrigation timers, a garden rake, a wheelbarrow, various other stuff for the irrigation/reticulation system I’m currently installing and a few other bits and pieces totaling over $350 bucks!

You may think I’m mad but if your male and moving to Australia, be warned. Bunnings (at least in the early days) will suck up a good part of your hard earned dollar :)

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  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha, I Love bunnings but always have one problem… My wife and i go there for one small thing and come out an hour later loaded up with goodies, no money left in the wallet and still havn’t got the original thing we were after…

  2. I love this store. Love it. As a recent immigrant from America, this is as close as it gets to those fantastic huge warehouse stores like Home Depot and such down here. You’re right though, it’s hard to get out of this store with a small amount spent.